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Matt Walsh to Cecile Richards: You don’t know compassion

StadiumBaltimoreby Kelli

Planned Parenthood, as you know, has always been repugnant, vile, abhorrent, cruel, destructive, racist, brutal, and murderous, but it used to be pretty upfront about it. Now you do the same things while hiding behind a thick wall of propaganda and deception.

It’s cowardly, ma’am. You are a coward. You all are.

And you clearly lack respect, to put it mildly.

But lots of organizations thrive on manipulation and obfuscation. What really sets you apart, of course, is the murdering. You, Ms. Richards, are personally responsible for 327,000 children being executed this past year alone. In all, your abortion retailers have slaughtered over 6 million human beings, which makes you about as prolific as the Nazis, and equal in moral depravity.

To put this in perspective, consider the professional football stadium in my hometown of Baltimore. It has a seating capacity of about 71,000. I would need more than 4 stadiums of that size to fit all of the children you’ve slain in one year. That’s four entire football stadiums stacked with dead bodies, and even then we’d run out of room. I could fill every football stadium in the country 3 times with the people you’ve killed over the course of Planned Parenthood’s existence.

So, compassion?


I want you to actually visualize it, Cecile. Visualize 90 stadiums packed with maimed, rigid corpses, and and then tell me again about your compassion and respect. Tell me how “compassion and respect” slaughters 6 million people.

You’re a certifiable lunatic if you legitimately believe mass genocide is compassionate. But you don’t actually believe that, do you? You know better. You’re a businesswoman, not a psychopath. Killing is just your business.

~ Blogger Matt Walsh in his open letter to Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards (who lambasted a 20-week abortion ban as “lack[ing] compassion and… respect”), The Blaze, May 15

[Photo via baltimoremagazine.net]

Stanek Sunday funnies 5-3-15

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! Here were my top five favorite political cartoons this week. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of this post!

beginning with a twofer by Chip Bok at Townhall.com

 … the latter in reference to this video of my kind of mom catching her son participating in the rioting in Baltimore

YouTube Preview Image

by Lisa Benson at Townhall.com
wplbe150430 (1)
 by Gary McCoy at Townhall.com
 by Michael Ramirez at Townhall.com


Maryland county forced to pay $375k in legal fees for targeting pregnancy care centers

check Montgomery County Tepayac pregnancy care center pro-life abortion NARALUPDATE, 6/24, 10:40a: More good news! As reported by CBNNews.com today:

A federal district court struck down an Austin, Texas, anti-pregnancy care law that forced pro-life pregnancy care centers to post messages that encourage women to go elsewhere.

Another win for Alliance Defending Freedom and pro-life!

6/19 12:52p: This decision should go a long way in dissuading government bodies from passing unconstitutional ordinances that attempt to muzzle the life-saving work of pregnancy care centers.

Such ordinances may hurt their municipal pocketbooks.

A federal district court has ordered Montgomery County, Maryland, to pay $375,000 in legal fees to Centro Tepayac Silver Spring Women’s Center after the pregnancy care center won its 2010 lawsuit against the county for violating its right to free speech.

The ordinance attempted to force the pregnancy care center to post signage if counselors were nonmedical personnel, while giving a pass to nonmedical counselors at family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood.

The concept for this ordinance was provided by constitutionally-challenged NARAL.

After the ordinance was first introduced in Baltimore in 2009, a few other abortion-obsessed local bodies in Austin (Texas), Montgomery County, New York City, and San Francisco jumped on the bandwagon, only to be stopped in their tracks by pro-life lawsuits, all of which are still pending but have received preliminary affirmation. (Note: While dismissing some of  San Francisco’s First Resort pregnancy care center’s claims, a judge has allowed its “equal protection” claim of viewpoint discrimination to proceed.)

Since the prc ordinance microburst between 2009-11, no other local or county government in the U.S. has been so obtuse as to follow NARAL down the financially painful primrose path.

If NARAL were so sure of its “investigations” and ordinance, it would offer to cover legal expenses. Not.

Tepayac was represented by the great attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom.

NARAL: It’s a “threat” to give free stuff to pregnant moms in need

[I]f the case were about transparency, then the City Council — and state legislators — should get busy passing legislation requiring abortion clinics to post how many abortions they have provided, how many women have been seriously injured or died in a clinic and whether the clinic has ever lost its license.

That would be useful information, because abortion is a serious medical procedure that should be performed by qualified medical professionals. And quality care is not always the norm in Maryland….

I do not expect legislators to force abortion clinics to be open with their data, however, because the crisis pregnancy center law was never about transparency — it was about pushing an agenda.

The impetus for it was a series of reports by NARAL Pro-Choice America, including one on Maryland, alleging crisis pregnancy centers were a “growing threat to women’s health.” Their crime: providing free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, diapers and baby supplies….

The verdict from the reports is that not providing abortions, or counseling women against abortions, is dangerous. Thus entered the City Council to protect women from the purveyors of baby clothes and adoption advice.

[T]he City Solicitor’s Office is busy trying the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns… in the court of public opinion… [and] investigating the center to show that its real goal is to make money and that it is not honest in how it describes its services….

On the front page of the center’s website, it says that it does “not perform or refer abortions.” … It receives no money from the government… [and] provides services free of charge.

It’s rolling in so much money, the Archdiocese of Baltimore recently sent out a request in church bulletins on its behalf: “Please consider picking up an extra pack of diapers, wipes, and baby toiletries on your next trip to Target, Walmart or the grocery store.”

I’m glad the city knows a suspect operation when it sees one.

~ Marta H. Mossburg, remarking on attempts to force pregnancy resource centers in Baltimore to post signs stating what services they do not offer, The Baltimore Sun, July 16

[Pictured above is Lindsay Rupprecht, coordinator of the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, via The Dialog]

Pro-life news brief 6-6-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • In First Things, Clarke Forsythe discusses how the Supreme Court helped create abortionists like Kermit Gosnell:

    Because the Justices foolishly believed that abortion had few risks, and that abortion providers should have complete discretion to decide how to perform abortions in the first trimester, the Justices said that state and local officials could not regulate them in the first trimester. The Justices prohibited state health and safety regulations for abortion clinics in the first trimester of pregnancy when 90 percent of abortions are performed.

  • At National Review, Michael J. New has a piece discussing the predicted “post-Roe abortion decline” and a piece on Gallup’s recent poll on morality, which held some good news for pro-lifers:

    Since 2001, Gallup polls have shown that opinions toward the morality of abortion have remained fairly constant. However, the percentage of Americans willing to identify themselves as “pro-life” has increased. Six of the last nine Gallup polls taken since 2009 have shown that Americans are more likely to describe themselves as “pro-life” rather than “pro-choice.”


  • The Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle have the AP article covering the closure of 4 abortion clinics in Maryland owned by abortionist Stephen Brigham (pictured left), and the license suspension of three abortionists. The AP article features quotes from Vicki Saporta of the National Abortion Federation and the attorney of the abortion clinics, but no quotes from a pro-lifer:

    Four affiliated abortion clinics in Maryland have been shut down and three doctors have had their licenses suspended after a patient died at one clinic and regulators found lax procedures at all four, according to documents filed online by two regulatory agencies.

    The clinics in Baltimore, Cheverly, Frederick and Silver Spring were initially shut down in March. They were later allowed to reopen, but they were shut down again in early May after state regulators received a complaint about a patient who was given a drug used to induce abortions without a doctor present, according to documents posted online by the state Office of Health Care Quality, which regulates the clinics and ordered them to close.

    I’m still waiting for an abortion advocate like Amanda Marcotte or Jill Filipovic to blame the problems at these clinics on pro-life laws.


  • Abortion advocate Jessica Valenti (pictured right) has an intentionally deceptive piece in The Nation in which she describes abortions pre-Roe. She writes:

    This isn’t even the most dangerous thing that anti-choice organizations go out of their way not to acknowledge. The Pro-Life Action League, for example, insists that before Roe, “there were not many illegal abortions, or illegal abortions were relatively safe.” The truth? According to the Guttmacher Institute, abortion was listed as the cause of death for almost 2,700 women in 1930 — 18 percent of maternal deaths. In 1965, abortion accounted for 17 percent of deaths attributed to pregnancy and childbirth — and those were just the reported cases.

    Valenti’s information is taken (nearly word for word) from this Guttmacher Institute web page.

    Here’s the pertinent paragraph from the Guttmacher Institute (note the highlighted portions which Valenti conveniently leaves out):

    One stark indication of the prevalence of illegal abortion was the death toll. In 1930, abortion was listed as the official cause of death for almost 2,700 women—nearly one-fifth (18%) of maternal deaths recorded in that year. The death toll had declined to just under 1,700 by 1940, and to just over 300 by 1950 (most likely because of the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, which permitted more effective treatment of the infections that frequently developed after illegal abortion). By 1965, the number of deaths due to illegal abortion had fallen to just under 200, but illegal abortion still accounted for 17% of all deaths attributed to pregnancy and childbirth that year. And these are just the number that were officially reported; the actual number was likely much higher.

    Why does Valenti leave out the specific numbers for the deaths in 1950 and 1965 but keep in the much larger number for the 1930?

    Also note the year. Why is Valenti discussing 1965 when Roe wasn’t decided until 1973? Is it because there were 39 reported deaths from illegal abortion in 1972 (and also 24 reported deaths from legal abortion)?

    Now maybe Valenti thinks 39 deaths from illegal abortion vs. 24 deaths from legal abortions in 1972 proves that there were a lot of unsafe illegal abortions pre-Roe and that overturning Roe would lead to large number of illegal abortion deaths. But if she thinks that, she should actually make that argument instead of trying to deceive The Nation’s readers by leaving out facts which are inconvenient to her position and basically prove the argument of the pro-lifers she’s trying to vilify.

    For what it’s worth and to show how deceitful Valenti is, here’s the Pro-Life Action League web page where Valenti gets her quote from them. The web page (which isn’t linked to or cited in The Nation article) discusses the effect of penicillin in dropping the number of deaths from illegal abortion (just as the Guttmacher Institute does) and notes there were 39 deaths from illegal abortion in 1972.

[Photos via nrlc.org and cornellcollege.edu]

Ambitious expansion of urban crisis pregnancy outreach underway

slattery-courtFor 28 years Chris Slattery (pictured right), founder of Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers, has focused on helping pregnant mothers in crisis in the New York City area, where 40% of all babies are killed by abortion, and worse, 60% of all black babies.

EMC now operates in 12 locations in four NYC boroughs.

But this summer Slattery plans to exponentially expand EMC’s urban outreach to 10 other major U.S. cities with high abortion rates and underrepresented crisis pregnancy outreach – Austin, Baltimore, Buffalo, Charlotte, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Washington, D.C.

EMC offices are already open in Charlotte, Detroit, and DC. EMC’s Miami branch will launch next week.

IMG_1804Slattery plans to accomplish this ambitious expansion through innovative use of flexible workplace rental space and high caliber college and grad school interns.

Slattery is affordably locating in typically high rent districts by renting day offices, which come complete with furniture and receptionists. Pictured left is EMC’s Detroit suite.

“A typical city has half a dozen of these sorts of offices in a central part of the city or suburbs,” Slattery explained to me a phone interview. “We will make use of these efficient and attractive offices two to five days per week depending on the market.”

These urban prcs will be marketed primarily on the Internet and through referral from suburban and rural prcs.

IMG_5573Slattery will staff his prcs with college and graduate school interns, most from outside the U.S. Forty have been recruited thus far, 90% from Spain. Pictured right is intern Betty Cona, already staffing the Charlotte office.

“All of these young people have had experience serving the poor around the world,” Chris explained. “On average these kids have completed two to three summers of service to the poor. They are all aged 20 to 28 and are fluent in multiple languages, particularly Spanish.”

Slattery’s secondary goal is to bolster Hispanic outreach, which is lacking in our movement.

The interns will receive three to four weeks of training in New York before teams of four are sent to various cities. There they will receive free housing and be connected with American counterparts, local female college and grad students who it is hoped will expand this effort into year-round operation of the prcs. In most markets there will also be seasoned, older pro-life women also working with them side-by-side.

A 45-hour work week will be equally divided between sidewalk counseling in front of urban abortion clinics and peer-to-peer counseling and education in the office. On any given day two interns will stand in front of an abortion clinic while two staff the office.

abortion_doc_296“We will be at Santangelo’s clinic all summer, for instance,” Chris said, referring to the late-term D.C. abortionist recently exposed by Live Action as conducive to infanticide.

Interns will receive $110 stipend per week.

Slattery says they still need housing and local talent. He is also open to expanding to other cities if he can find solid partners. “I’m not looking at small towns,” Chris reiterated. “Large cities are our underserved market.”

Slattery can establish a new urban market for $2,000-$3,000 a month, which covers office space, intern stipends, and advertising.

Stage II will be to partner with pro-life ob/gyns and clinics. In NYC, eight of these partner with EMC.

If you live in one of these locations, and can provide housing or financial aid, email Chris at slatteryny@gmail.com.

Pro-life news brief 3-11-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers was March 10. From the various pro-choice sources I read, it seems like it was less celebrated than usual.
  • The Wichita Eagle interviewed one of the physicians who has signed up to provide abortions at the South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinic when it opens. South Wind is operating at the same location where George Tiller provided abortions in Wichita. The new physician says she’s never performed an elective abortion:

    She has been a board-certified OB/GYN for about 10 years but has never performed elective abortions. The doctor says abortion is probably not a choice she would make for herself.

    But she believes that women have the right to that option and she said she felt a calling to step up to provide that option. The doctor asked to not be named in this story…. The OB/GYN wants to remain anonymous for as long as she can.


  • The state of Maryland has suspended the licenses of three abortion clinics:

    State health officials have suspended surgical abortion procedures at three clinics, including one in Baltimore where a patient suffered cardiac arrest and died.

    The physician who performed the abortion at Associates in OB/GYN Care LLC on North Calvert Street wasn’t certified in CPR and a defibrillator at the facility did not work, state officials said in a letter Friday to the General Assembly.

    Although the cardiac arrest was caused by underlying health conditions and not the abortion, investigators found that it raised questions whether doctors at the clinic can handle an abortion that goes wrong….

    The other two clinics that lost surgical privileges, located in Landover and Silver Spring [pictured above left], also are owned by Associates in OB/GYN Care and also had licenses suspended for issues related to the ability to respond to life-threatening problems during surgery.

Carhart patient’s cause of death: Him


From lohud.com yesterday:

A New Rochelle woman died of complications from a late-term abortion at a Maryland clinic, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

Jennifer Morbelli, 29, a schoolteacher in White Plains, bled to death after amniotic fluid in her womb spilled into her bloodstream, said Bruce Goldfarb, a spokesman for the Montgomery County Medical Examiner’s Office.

She was “left with the inability to clot blood to stop bleeding,” Goldfarb said.

More details from Newsday:2013-02-21_1157

The chief medical examiner’s office in Baltimore lists “amniotic fluid embolism following termination of pregnancy” as one of two causes of death for Jennifer McKenna Morbelli….

The second is “disseminated intravascular coagulation,” a condition that occurs when small blood clots form in the blood vessels, according to Morbelli’s death certificate. Eventually, the proteins needed for clotting can become depleted, which can lead to extensive bleeding throughout the body.

In short, what an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is, from Wiki, with my notes in brackets:

It is mostly agreed that this condition results from amniotic fluid entering the uterine veins and in order for this to occur there are three prerequisites:

  • Ruptured membranes [i.e., ruptured amniotic fluid or broken bag of waters]
  • Ruptured uterine or cervical veins [latter can be due to cervical laceration]
  • A pressure gradient from uterus to vein [direction of blood flow outward to mother’s body]

DIC, which was Morbelli’s secondary diagnosis, frequently accompanies amniotic fluid embolism, and it is a terrible thing – very difficult to treat. I’ve seen it. From Merriam-Webster:

Uncontrolled systemic coagulation resulting in thrombosis [clots] which in acute cases typically leads to generalized bleeding [hemorrhage] due to depletion of clotting factors and increased fibrinolysis.

… uncontrolled blood clotting leading to uncontrolled bleeding.

Yesterday the Washington Post tried to minimize abortion’s part in Morbelli’s death, basically saying it could happen to any pregnant mother:

The complication, which occurred when amniotic fluid was pushed into the woman’s bloodstream, can occur during or after abortions, natural deliveries or Caesarean sections.

This isn’t true. According to Medscape, WebMD’s resource for physicians, in a “Medicolegal Pitfalls” piece:

Failure to consider the diagnosis during legal abortion is a pitfall. A review of the literature indicates that most case reports of AFE have occurred during late second-trimester abortions.

article-0-1713F219000005DC-406_634x422-e1360545369691Warren Hern, one of four late-term abortionists, along with Morbelli’s abortionist LeRoy Carhart, featured in the pro-abortion documentary After Tiller (pictured together right) agrees:

… amniotic fluid embolism is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in late abortion….

Hern wrote that in an article published in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Back to Medscape:

Failure to respond emergently is a pitfall. AFE is a clinical diagnosis. Steps must be taken to stabilize the patient as soon as symptoms manifest.

At 33 weeks’ gestation Morbelli was only three to four weeks from being considered full-term. Had she delivered her baby in a hospital, she would still have been in the hospital 16 hours later. Signs and symptoms of trouble would have been picked up much before the situation erupted into an emergency.

Furthermore, there was no physician on hand to provide contiguous care to Morbelli. Carhart sent Morbelli back to her hotel room and left the state right after the abortion. And he left no doctor on call who knew Morbelli’s history. Precious hours elapsed due to Carhart’s negligence.

[Top photo via lohud.com]