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House Democrats fail to attach hostile amendments to pro-life riders

Pro-choice abortion amendment to pro-life riderPro-life politicos were pleasantly surprised yesterday when House Democrats failed to attach hostile amendments to two pro-life riders that were part of the Financial Services Appropriations bill, which passed 228-195.

During committee debate, House Pro-Choice Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Louise Slaughter expressed her disdain for both the Harris Amendment, which ensures Multi-State Plans under Obamacare do not cover elective abortions, and the DC Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal funding for most abortions. So did the White House in a statement, and District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton squawked about DC Hyde during the Rule debate.

Even had they not publicly griped, Democrats as a matter of course add hostile amendments to these annual pro-life riders, even if it’s obvious they’ll lose. (The amendments, if passed, would gut the riders.) They like to showboat.

But yesterday the hostile amendments never materialized. Why?

Abortion activists can’t walk and chew gum?

This was a calculated decision, because even though yesterday was a big day for abortion proponents in the Senate, there were certainly enough members in their cabal to stir trouble in the House.

Yesterday the Senate held a vote on the dubbed “Not My Boss’s Business” bill, which sought to overturn the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Abortion proponents considered this a a great opportunity to advance the “war on women” meme, even if passage was impossible. Never mind the House, the bill needed 60 votes to break the Republican filibuster in the Senate and failed, 56-43.

Planned Parenthood pro-choice abortion organization Women's Health Protection ActAlso yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee debated the inaptly named “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which would invalidate all state laws that limit access to abortion in any way – parental notification, waiting periods, clinic regulations, etc.

This is another pro-abortion bill that stands zero chance of making it to the president’s desk.

While abortion proponents obviously wanted to highlight offensive rather than defensive moves yesterday, they still could have done both.

But they didn’t.

It’s really about abortion funding, but shhh

The working theory among pro-lifers on the Hill is abortion proponents were afraid if they forced a vote on abortion funding with their hostile amendments, it would show their true colors and detract from their contraception and women’s health messaging.

The pro-abortion agenda is indeed to make taxpayers fund abortion. But they didn’t want to muddy the messaging yesterday.

Pro-life news brief 2-6-14

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • This is a great paragraph in the Washington Post’s GovBeat blog regarding which states have the highest and lowest abortion rates:

    The highest abortion rates recorded were in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware and New Jersey, with 27 to 34 abortions per thousand women ages 15 to 44. Wyoming, Mississippi, South Dakota, Kentucky and Missouri had the lowest, at one to five per thousand.

  • A local Arkansas TV station has a story on a pro-life billboard and a woman who chose life for her unborn child.
  • In Pennsylvania, a woman has been charged with “a felony count of medical consultation and judgment” after getting abortion drugs online and giving them to her teen daughter:

    On Feb. 6, 2012, her daughter was transported to the Geisinger Medical Center emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Medical records obtained by police stated she was “treated for an incomplete abortion and a urinary tract infection.”


  • At The Nation, Michelle Goldberg writes about the New Yorker piece on abortionist Steven Brigham (pictured left):

    The important question, though, is what makes them vulnerable to exploitation. Without a doubt, Brigham’s ability to operate represents a legal and regulatory failure, one aided by official indifference to poor women’s health care. But, like [Philadelphia abortionist Kermit] Gosnell, his business depended on the stigma around abortion and the difficulty many women have in accessing safe procedures.

She should have stopped after the second sentence. Brigham has centered his operations in New Jersey and Maryland, both of which use state tax dollars to fund abortions and where access to abortion is not difficult.

[Photo via philly.com]

Latest CDC report reveals minorites having most abortions

by Kelli

cdc1The CDC Abortion Surveillance Report dated November 29, 2013 reveals that in 2010, 56.7% of abortions reported to the CDC nationwide were done on Hispanic and Black women….

According to the CDC Abortion Surveillance Report there were 415,479 abortions for known ethnicity reported for selected states in 2010. 153,045 (or 36.8 percent) were non-Hispanic white babies, 148,261 (or 35.7 percent) were non-Hispanic black babies, 87,240 (or 21.0 percent) were Hispanic babies, and 26,933 (or 6.5 percent) were babies of other races or ethnicities….

The report reveals that a majority of Black or Hispanic babies were aborted in New Jersey (55.9 percent), the District of Columbia (64.8 percent) and Georgia (73.2 percent).

~ The Global Dispatch, December 5

The press release post also headlines: “81.9 percent of babies aborted in New York City, 63.7 percent in Texas were Black or Hispanic.”

More here.

Pro-life blog buzz 9-17-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Clinic Quotes shows that Planned Parenthood has never had a problem with sex-selective abortions. From PP spokesperson Lisa Andrusko (1985):

    … [O]nce the state of the fetal diagnostic art moves from second to first trimester, so abortion falls within the menstrual extraction…. Planned Parenthood will increasingly connote planning the sex as well as the spacing of offspring.

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Congressman: Ironic that federal law protects animals more than unborn humans

The criminal code of the District of Columbia, Section 22-1001, prohibits cruelty to animals….

This statute explicitly covers “all living and sentient creatures, human beings excepted,” if a prosecutor can prove “serious bodily injury,” or if a prosecutor can prove “to an animal or indifference to animal life, that a single offense can be punished by up to five years in prison or a fine not to exceed $25,000 or both.”

A serious bodily injury includes among other things the infliction of  “extreme physical pain or mutilation or broken bones or severe lacerations.”

Now I heard your vivid description of the D&E abortion method, which I’m told is the most frequent method used for abortion after 20 weeks, and it seems clear that it follows this description of mutilating, breaking bones, lacerating, and worse, and we’ve heard very convincing evidence pain that it would inflict “extreme physical pain.

Now that fits all the criteria. I find it tremendous – I don’t even want to use the word irony – just a break from human compassion, that while we would do the right thing and prevent those things from happening… to animals, but not to human babies.

~ Arizona Congressman Trent Franks, sponsor of HR 3803, the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, in a subcommittee hearing on the bill, May 17

[HT: David D. at LiveAction.org]

Abortion advocates say D.C. fetal pain bill could “eviscerate” Roe, make defeat a top priority

On February 21 pro-abortion advocates including District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray, Planned Parenthood African American Leadership and Engagement Director Ludwig Gaines, and District Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (pictured right) held a press conference to decry the introduction of the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in the U.S. House.

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40 Days for Life vs. 40 Days for Choice

 The ninth wildly successful 40 Days for Life campaign kicked off today, Ash Wednesday, and will run  through April 1. Already, according to the 40 Days header, four precious babies have been saved.

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Jivin J’s Life Links 5-5-11

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. The vote was 251-175. 16 Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the act.

    Before the vote, Michael New offered these encouraging words:

    Regardless of the outcome of today’s vote, pro-lifers should take heart. In the aftermath of the 1994 election, Congress never even voted on defunding Planned Parenthood. This year, there was already a concerted effort to remove PP funding from the remainder of the FY 2011 budget. The ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in the District of Columbia was reinstated. Now Congress is voting on a bill that would effectively make the Hyde Amendment permanent. Indeed, the increased attention that this Congress is giving to sanctity-of-life issues is evidence of the increased popularity and influence of the pro-life movement.

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