On February 21 pro-abortion advocates including District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray, Planned Parenthood African American Leadership and Engagement Director Ludwig Gaines, and District Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (pictured right) held a press conference to decry the introduction of the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in the U.S. House.

If signed into law the Pain-Capable Act would ban abortions past 20 weeks in the District. At least one abortion clinic in D.C., located just eight blocks from the White House, aborts up to 26 weeks.

Based on medical evidence that preborn babies feel pain at least as early as 20 weeks, and likely earlier, the bill allows no exceptions except to save the life of the mother.

Although Norton claimed the Pain-Capable Act would “deny our citizens an individual constitutional right enjoyed by every other citizen of the United States,” in fact the Act has now been signed into law in five states: Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

And although Norton claimed the Act was “unconstitutional,” the lone challenge filed against it to date was thrown out of court.

Norton used interesting terminology to describe what she thought the Pain-Capable Act would do to abortion, stating it “has the potential to eviscerate the entire Roe framework.” Of course, “eviscerate” means to “disembowel,” which is the torture being committed against preborn babies in the District now without regard.

Speaking of, Norton claimed those sponsoring the Pain-Capable Act were using D.C. citizens as “guinea pigs,” to which National Right to Life Committee Legislative Director Douglas Johnson responded, “Anyone who tears a leg off a guinea pig in the District of Columbia can be sent to prison for five years.  It should not be lawful to do to a pain-capable unborn child what it is a crime to do to a guinea pig.”

According to Guttmacher, 28% of all pregnancies end in abortion in D.C. It has the 4th highest rate of abortion in the U.S.

In her letter to colleagues, Norton wrote that since NRLC had made the D.C. Pain-Capable Act “a top legislative priority” for 2012, “pro-choice groups have also indicated that stopping this bill will be a top legislative priority in 2012.”

An interesting sidebar. Gaines stirred controversy by claiming pro-lifers “could care less” about black children after they are born, a false and incendiary statement. His logic would be to say killing black children before they are born is the real demonstration of concern.

[Top photo via Roll Call]

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