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Pampers’ pro-life t.v. commercial

by Andy Moore

Recall that last year Pampers released an iPad app allowing families to track the development of their preborn baby.

Now Pampers has released a commercial that is simply fantastic:

YouTube Preview Image

Where to start? This short, 1-minute video undermines a host of pro-abortion lies in a simple, understated fashion.

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Killing is cheap; buying diapers is expensive

We spend $60 a week on formula. We spend $40 a week on diapers….

An infant will likely cost $160 a month to diaper….

An infant will likely cost $50 a month for creams, wipes, bottles, blankets, carriers, swaddles, strollers, bouncers, books, toys, rattles, shoes, clothing, pacifiers, soap, washrags, bathtubs, spit up cloths, changing pads, cribs, pack and plays, etc. Yes, you can get many of these things cheap, or as hand-me-downs. You’ll never get them all, though, and that’s why it will be at least $50 a month.

An infant costs $50 a month in laundry. You will do laundry every day. The baby will soil numerous outfits. Not just baby outfits, but mommy outfits. If you have a washer and dryer, expect your water and electricity bill to jump at least $40 a month. If you do not, you will be looking at spending at least that amount at the laundromat, plus extra for transportation. Or, you could buy more clothes to do it less often, which then ups the amount of your monthly incidentals….

An infant costs between $500 and $2000 a month to care for. By the time he or she has made it through the first year, the expenses will run anywhere between $6000 and $24,000 – all before the actual costs of medical care or giving birth.

Is every “sidewalk counselor” and anti-abortion politician ready to really take on the financial commitment that an infant represents? Or do they want to continue saying a car seat, a jug of formula and a box of Pampers is all a woman really needs?

~Robin Marty, who apparently only does her baby shopping at incredibly overpriced stores, and who now seems to believe pregnancy resource centers don’t do enough to help women, RH Reality Check, April 18

[HT: Jivin J; image via thefreshxpress.com]

Vandals destroy Bronx pregnancy care center; “They even stole our Pampers.”

They even stole the Pampers. Click all photos to enlarge.

Chris Slattery, founder and president of EMC Frontline Pregnancy Care Centers, a group of 12 pccs located throughout the New York City area, told LifeSiteNews.com he thought it was likely “drug addicts seeking some quick cash” who burglarized and vandalized EMC’s South Bronx location last night.

Not so fast. With Slattery and EMC at the center of the opposition against NYC’s recently passed hostile law forcing pccs to post signage that they do not commit abortions, my first thought was the vandals were hostile pro-aborts. Would run-of-the-mill ne’er do wells go so far as to tear up the floors?

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Pampers’ “Hello Baby” pro-life iPad app

I remember when G.E. aired this commercial in 2002 to introduce its new 4D ultrasound technology. It still chokes me up…

The story goes that pro-aborts raised such a stink G. E. was forced to remove the ad from the air, or at least cuts its run short.

So I wonder how pro-aborts are going to handle this, a remarkable new iPad app from Pampers called “Hello Baby”
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