tori.jpgTMZ wondered February 20 whether Tori Spelling’s 2nd pregnancy was a “ploy” to get a repeat contract from NutriSystem:

Tori Spelling probably made a ton of money from NutriSystem. After all, what a great ad – someone famous losing her baby weight.
So what does Tori do? She gets knocked up again and gains it all back. We’re thinkin’ it’s one of the great ploys of 2008.
Here’s the scenario. Tori has the kid and then resigns with NutriSystem, which pays her even more money to advertise how women with two kids can dump the weight.
We’re guessing Tori could end up in a mansion again, with her own money and more kids than Mia Farrow….

The 34-year-old, married to actor Dean McDermott, delivered Liam Aaron on March 13, 2007.
She then lost 35-40# (reports differ) of baby fat on NutriSystem, going on to become a company spokesperson. According to People magazine, Spelling shot a new ad campaign in November that began appearing in women’s magazines in December.
tori%20people.jpgDuring this time Spelling got pregnant again, with not quite an Irish twin. She just announced her 2nd is due in July, 16 months after her 1st, according to People, where Spelling graces this week’s cover.
Back to TMZ. Spelling announced in the October 1 edition of Ok! magazine she wanted to have kids close together. According to my pregnancy wheel, October was the month she conceived. Unless she deliberately withheld info from NutriSystem, the company knew in November she was pregnant again, or Spelling herself did not yet know.
TMZ may be just a gossip rag, but it examples how the calloused pop culture views children. It thinks having children close together or having a big family is abnormal, and no one would do it on purpose without an external, self-serving reason, in this case a get-richer-quicker scheme.
[Top photo credit: TMZ]