Houston police are certainly being kept busy fielding calls to the scene of 14-year-olds delivering babies, one dead, one killed. From Click2Houston.com, this afternoon:

A 14-year-old gave birth to a baby in a junior high school bathroom and tried to flush the newborn down the toilet, killing the infant….

cedar bayou2.jpg

Baytown [Houston suburb] police said the eighth-grade student delivered the near full-term baby at Cedar Bayou Junior High School… on Wednesday morning while she was alone.
The baby was born alive, investigators said….

“We understand that the baby was alive when it was born and that the girl attempted to flush the child down the toilet. The child died as a result of these actions,” said Lt. Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department.
Another student who walked into the restroom heard the baby crying and ran to get the nurse and assistant principal. But by the time they arrived, officials said, it was too late.
The case is being treated as a homicide, detectives said. Police have not said if the baby was a boy or a girl.
“According to everyone I talked to, no one knew that she was pregnant,” said Kathy Clausen of the Goose Creek Independent School District.

MSM and liberals join the throng in questioning the cause of the rash of school shootings around the country. They wonder why the anger, why the hatred, why do certain youth want to kill other youth? Blamed are lax gun laws, violent movies and game videos, removal of God from the schools, and broken families, among others.
But where are MSM and liberals to question why more and more newborns are being callously murdered by their own parents?
baby abuse.jpgIn fact, “Homicide is the leading cause of infant deaths due to intentional injury in the US…. The risk for homicide is greater in infancy than in any other year of childhood before the age of 15 years…. Homicides of infants and young children are most often committed in the home, by parents/caregivers, using ‘weapons of opportunity,'” according to the British Medical Journal in 2006, quoting FBI and Dept. of Justice statistics.
In fact, “Compared to other developed nations, the United States has the highest rate of child homicide,” reported the American Psychiatric Association in 2005, adding, “[T]he incidence of homicide of children less than 1 year old has increased over the past quarter-century.”
Where are the abortion proponents? Wasn’t abortion supposed to ensure every child is a wanted child? In fact, child abuse rose 300% between 1976 and 1996. I have a couple sources for that statistic. Here’s one. Why was that?
[HT: reader Ruth M.]

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