Thumbnail image for breaking.jpg5 weeks ago the UCLA student group The Advocate released a blockbuster video exposing Planned Parenthoods in various states accepting bucks specifically to abort black babies.
One of those PPs later issued a statement that acceptance of this $ was a ‘serious mistake.”
Well here are several more “serious mistakes.” Today The Advocate released a 2nd video (in what it called “a series”) exposing more PPs of the same Sangeresque genocidal money lust. These videos are so well done. Take a look:

This time the actor donor called clinics in OK and NM, asking to make a donation specifically to slice-and-dice a black baby. As you can hear, they are happy to oblige.
Irene Gray of PP of Albuquerqueresponded, “Yes, yes, it’s a strange time for sure,” in sympathetic tones to our actor’s rant against affirmative action and how baby blacks need to be offed now so they can’t upset his white child’s college acceptance chances.
PP Tulsa staffer Susan Riggs responded, “We can definitely designate it for an African-American.”
In the press statement accompanying the video release The Advocate editor Lila Rose outted the ACLU and NAACP for turning a blind eye to PP’s obvious racism and called on Congress to investigate, particularly since PP receives over $300 million in federal funding annually.