Disability awareness at Fenway Park

Time for a mental health break. Moderator MK just sent me this, a YouTube video of a young man with autism getting the giggles when singing the National Anthem during Disability Day at Fenway Park last summer. How uplifting when the crowd starts to help him out. We all have built within us a desire to help the underdog:

11 thoughts on “Disability awareness at Fenway Park”

  1. Jasper,
    I clicked on the link to your Quote of the Day (Ecce Mater Tua)
    and now I’m crying. The picture of the aborted fetus is so real. Let’s pray for all mothers who are going through the decision of what to do about an unplanned pregnancy, or dealing with a decision that they have already made.

  2. I never thought I’d hear a grown man giggle through the National Anthem. That was awesome.

  3. Between this story and the puppy mill story on Oprah, I’ve cried a lot today. How sweet.

  4. What a contagious giggle!!! What an adorable smile on this man’s face! Makes me want to run out there & give him a great, big hug!!!!
    That was cool…thanks!

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