bluefield2.jpgI wrote earlier this week about the pro-life country song we need to help make a hit.
Butterfly, by the band Bluefield, has a beautiful message that has already saved at least 3 babies’ lives.
Butterfly currently ranks in the 60s in the country music charts. It has met with some resistance by stations skittish about its message. I said it would help for you to call stations and request it.
I got this news from Bluefield this afternoon…

[O]ur MySpace plays on Butterfly have DOUBLED since your post AND we have 5 new radio stations adding the record on Monday….
If we continue getting 5 new adds a week, the record will climb steadily up the charts, and the message will be heard.
We have to attribute much of this good news to your bloggers. What else could it be other than them and a little divine intervention?
God bless you all – You are making a difference!
Jen & Rick

So your calls to stations are working! Excellent job!
I also received a note from reader Kevin saying those of us who buy digital music should know Butterfly is available on both the iTunes Store and Amazon for 99¢. Kevin wrote:

By buying the song this way, it makes this an immediate purchase rather than a “maybe” down the road, plus it helps boost the song on the sales chart, and provides a nice reward for the songwriters.

I confirmed with Bluefield a purchase would help the song along. So me as an old-timer just made my 1st mp3 purchase, and I hope you will, too. Go to:

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