by Valerie Jane
We’ve had many discussions on this blog about saline abortions. Abortion proponents claim saline abortions are not committed anymore, so our pictures of them are obsolete or faked.
But according to the CDC in 2004, there were 4,574 saline abortions for 43 out of 52 reporting area’s. Saline abortions took place in approximately 1% of abortions since 1989; 2% of abortions from 1983 – 1988; and that it has been taking place under 3% of all abortions since 1981.
All of that sounds low, right?
Take a look at this:
1995 – 6,000 (approx) saline abortions
2000 – 3,400 (approx) saline abortions
2002 - 6,800 (approx) saline abortions
2003 – 7,600 (approx) saline abortions
2004 – 4,500 (approx) saline abortions
When it is put in numbers it makes a bit of difference, doesn’t it? Now let’s break it down further.
In 2004 there were:
375 saline abortions every month
87 saline abortions every week
12 saline abortions every day
That doesn’t sound like something that is never done anymore does it?
Note: The medical term for this procedure is “Intrauterine Instillation abortion” The chemicals used can be consisting of either saline, urea or prostaglandin.