Help wanted: Administrative Assistant for and

UPDATE, 2/18, 7:50a: Thanks to all who have responded to our ad. If I haven’t acknowledged receipt of your resume, please resend to We will accept applications until 12p CT today.

Help Wanted

Part-time Administrative Assistant sought to help manage and upcoming

Skill set requirements:

  • Good communicator: enjoys interacting and helping/teaching others
  • Good grasp of grammar and punctuation
  • Proficient using Internet applications (MovableType or WordPress)
  • Journalism background a plus
  • Self-starter, independent
  • Passion for pro-life principles, envisioning New Media as a ministry through which to make a difference

help wanted 2.jpgThis person will aid with blog post compilations, perform proof reading and error correction, help new bloggers register, and will manage an online ecommerce site. Since this is a new position, work load may shift as areas of needed focus or hot spots emerge. The position is ideal for an enthusiastic pro-life person with an eye for detail, an aptitude for new Internet technology, and an interest in social networking.

Salary: $9,000 annual/no benefits

Hours: 20 required, spread somewhat equally over 5-6 days, flexible with permanent schedule anticipated according to personal dictates

Submit resume to

22 thoughts on “Help wanted: Administrative Assistant for and”

  1. well then Jill watch for my resume! i may not have a Journalism background but i’d love to help you out since your pretty much my pro-life idol! your media stories, websites & blogs helped me know the truth behind abortion! :)

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa
    We all want to go on welfare. Welfare pays better than that. The new welfare state is what is happening.
    There are still hearty souls that wouldn’t consider welfare and enjoy hard work.

  3. Hmm. Well, I _do_ desperately need a job, but not enough to change my pro-choice stance. Oh well. Back to the job hunt!

  4. If error correction is part of the job for a “pro-life” site, it’s gonna be more than 20 hour a week position.

  5. Jill,
    Just consider my twenty hours over five or six days a week to be a contribution to the cause.

  6. Truthseeker: Just consider my twenty hours over five or six days a week to be a contribution to the cause.
    Ha! ; )

  7. I would love to send in my resume…this sounds like it is right up my alley. However, is this a position that could be accomplished in accordance with a separate full-time job? If not, then I completely understand.

  8. Becca, I would say yes, if the other job is an afternoon or evening job. Most hours on JS/PLP will be in the morning, I would expect.
    Milehi – thanks, got your resume!

  9. Thanks, Jill! I work till 3:00 pm everyday. It’s sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and under different circumstances I would definitely be sending you my resume! I hope you find just who you are looking for to fill this position!

  10. Jill, I never received a response from you and I sent mine a couple days ago. I have resent it. Please let me know if you don’t receive it for some reason. Thanks! :)

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