Crypt above Marilyn Monroe’s for sale

One thing I look forward to in heaven is the absence of misogyny. We have no idea how much this sin has marred human life. It’s the foundation of abortion, for instance.
And now I see women can’t escape it, even in death. Currently for sale on eBay (click to enlarge)…
monroe crypt.jpg
The description…

Here is a once in a lifetime and into eternity opportunity to spend your eternal days directly above Marilyn Monroe. This crypt in the famous Westwood Cemetery in West Los Angeles currently occupied above Marilyn Monroe is being vacated so as to make room for a new resident. “Spending Eternity next to Marilyn Monroe is too sweet to pass up”, recently quoted by Hugh Heffner, who has reserved his place in eternity next to her. The lucky bidder will be deeded a piece of real estate that he or she will make their last address. And below you will be Marilyn Monroe. In fact, the person occupying the address right now is looking face down on her.

Sick and sad. I want to say men are pigs, but women can also do it to themselves.
Here’s more, from CNBC, August 19:

One woman in Beverly Hills is selling her husband’s crypt, which just so happens to be above Marilyn Monroe’s, on eBay. The bidding started at $500k and is now at $4.5 million.

marilyn monroe crypt close-up.jpg

A standard crypt in this cemetery… currently goes for $250,000.
Of course, this one is special.
“Spend eternity directly above Marilyn Monroe,” the eBay… auction reads, touting it as a “once in a lifetime – and into eternity – opportunity.”
Elsie Poncher is selling the crypt, in which her husband currently resides, so she can pay off her $1.6 million Beverly Hills mansion and leave it to her kids when she dies, without them having to worry about how to pay for it.
Poncher, who’s been in the mansion for 50 years and just refinanced, has “somewhat recognized the fact that she’s going to run out of money in the next couple of years,” said Steve Miller, a real-estate broker and family friend who’s handling the sale of the crypt for the family.

monroe and dimaggio.jpg

Apparently, the husband, Richard Poncher, was a bit of an entrepreneur – and a well-connected one at that. He knew movie stars and mobsters, ballplayers and kings. As Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio divorced, he bought 2 crypts from DiMaggio, not knowing at the time how valuable they would really become after Monroe’s untimely death….
Playboy… octogenarian Hugh Hefner bought the crypt next to Monroe’s in 1992. He got it for a bargain at $75,000.
Poncher recalled… that, on his deathbed, her husband said: “If I croak, if you don’t put me upside down over Marilyn, I’ll haunt you the rest of my life!”
Poncher, amazingly, abided by her husband’s wishes.
So, for 23 years, he’s gotten a good look at Monroe. (Well, as good a look as you can get through a marble-and-concrete tomb.) Now, the jig is up – Poncher’s going to have his remains moved to the crypt next door. When she dies, she’ll be cremated and join him in there….
Poncher thinks if her husband “was alive today, this is exactly what he would suggest she do,” Miller explained….

[HT: Gregg Cunningham of Center for Bio-Ethical Reform]

10 thoughts on “Crypt above Marilyn Monroe’s for sale”

  1. I got to say I don’t see what the big deal is. Who exactly does this story hurt or affect? I guess I might be just too sickened after to hearing what happened to “Britain’s Ugliest Dog” to care about the sale of some cemetery plot.

  2. Lily,
    I think it’s just the absurdity of some idiot spending $4.5M just so his dead body can rot within a few feet of Marilyn Monroe’s rotting corpse. Think of all the good that could be done with $4.5M combatting world hunger for example or maybe human trafficking.
    It’s further proof of just how warped the human mind can become.
    Like, “I should have the right to kill my 8 month old unborn child.”
    Or, “President Obama is a great leader and statesman.”
    I know of about 50,000,000 children that would take issue with those statements.

  3. Doyle,
    It probably has to do with these weirdos getting some kind of perverted sexual or egomaniacal thrill at the thought of their carcass “lying in repose” so close to Marilyn Monroe the “sex goddess”. Face down??? Gimme a break!
    In other words Doyle, Marilyn Monroe has been reduced from a being a beautiful woman, created in God’s image with the potential to live a life filled with good works that would glorify God and bless those in her generation to the object of some pervert’s lust-filled fantasy.
    Compare it to some guy wanting to position his corpse face down over Mother Theresa? At the least, very disrespectful, and when you consider Mother Theresa’s life of love, service and sacrifice, it would seem criminal to dishonor her in such a way.
    “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, Who is blessed forever. Amen.” Ro 1:24-25

  4. So, for 23 years, he’s gotten a good look at Monroe.
    Neither of them is exactly in good shape, however!
    And if the atheists are right then their not enjoyuing anything whatsoever, are they?
    And what was the dude’s wife thinking?
    And who spends so much money on this kind of thing?
    People sure are dumb.

  5. So, for 23 years, he’s gotten a good look at Monroe.
    Neither of them is exactly in good shape, however!
    Posted by: Louise at August 20, 2009 10:23 PM
    Haha! Very true.

  6. Ed, I’m trying, but it just doesn’t compute in my old adding machine. A “lust-filled fantasy” may indicate things about a typical male mind that some do not like, but it seems like a great big stretch to say that it indicates that men who have those fantasies “hate” women.
    Having an over active sex fantasy simply does not necessarily mean you even dislike women, much less hate them. All it indicates is the likely high level of testerone in their blood, and the effect that has on their minds. It has nothing to do with “hating women”.

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