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Michelle [42] and Jim Bob Duggar [44], parents of 18 with a granddaughter on the way, made a big announcement Tuesday morning.
The Duggars, stars of the TLC show 18 Kids and Counting, shared the news on the Today show that they are expecting their 19th baby! Their son Joshua and daughter-in-law Anna are also expecting, with their baby girl due to arrive this fall….

Michelle shared her thoughts on being pregnant on her TLC blog. In a post titled, “Baby News Surprises Everyone, Even Mama,” the mom of nearly 20 children wrote that she had believed her childbearing years to be concluded, until she was pleasantly surprised to be pregnant again. “I don’t take pregnancy for granted, either,” she wrote. “I thought we might be done. I was a little sad about it, but I just accepted it was a stage of my life and perhaps God felt my family was complete.”

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She also wrote about being pregnant while her daughter-in-law is also expecting: “You know, it’s funny being pregnant when expecting our first grandchild. If my mom were here, she’d be crying. This is just like my mom and my sister….
Michelle added, “Anna is really such a cute pregnant mommy. She has only 7 weeks left. They’ve taken all their classes on natural childbirth and we’re just hoping for uneventful, healthy delivery for her, and then for me!”

More from The Daily Mail:

A couple with 18 children all with names beginning with ‘J’ are to welcome another baby into the family – but this time the child will be christened with the letter ‘M’.

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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who revealed they are expecting their 19th child in March, will next month receive their first grandchild – Mackynzie Renee.
Their eldest son Josh and his wife Anna, both 21, will have the baby girl just nine months after his most recent sibling, Jordyn-Grace, was born….

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Anna and Josh live with his parents in the debt-free house they built themselves along with twin siblings Jana and John-David, 19, Jill, 18, Jessa, 16, Jinger, 15, Joseph, 14, Josiah, 13, Joy-Anna, 11, twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 10, Jason, 9, James, 8, Justin, 5; Jackson, 5; Johanna, 3, Jennifer, 2, and Jordyn-Grace, 8 months….
Despite being pregnant 18 times before, Michelle says this pregnancy came as a shock.
‘I was in WeightWatchers with Jim Bob and I wasn’t losing any weight,’ she said. ‘I couldn’t figure it out. I was doing what I should. And the baby, who was nursing, was fussy. I kept thinking, “This isn’t right. She isn’t teething, she doesn’t have an ear infection. I’m not cheating on my diet, I should be losing weight.” Then, I put 2 and 2 together and wondered if I could possibly be pregnant.’
‘I told Jim Bob and he couldn’t keep it in, he was so excited,’ she said.


‘The kids were outside playing on a water slide and he gathered them together and had to share the news. There was all this screaming and yelling.’
Michelle has now been pregnant 147 months of her life, with 5 more to go….
They adhere to a movement called Quiverfull, whose members take seriously the biblical exhortation to be fruitful and multiply and believe that every child is a gift from Providence….

Congratulations to the Duggars, wonderful Christian examples in so many ways.
HT: Arina and Laura Loo; all photos via TLC; Scripture graphic via Quiverfull]

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