O’Keefe gets scrappy with MSNBC anchor “fool”

norah o'donnell.jpgFrom Amanda Carpenter at the Washington Times this morning:

MSNBC anchor Norah O’Donnell suggested a pair of conservative filmmakers who secretly recorded ACORN workers giving them tax advice on how to run a brothel may be guilty of a serious crime during a recent on-air segment about the explosive videos….

“This might be viewed as entrapment,” she said on MSNBC’s early news program Morning Joe on Tuesday morning. “That some conservative activists used hidden cameras in order to get this stuff on camera.”

o'keefe pimp look.jpg

James O’Keefe, the young man who posed as a pimp seeking federal funds through ACORN to run a prostitution ring in the videos, has already been threatened with lawsuits to which he defiantly replied, “bring it on” on Fox News. When asked about the possibility of “entrapment” raised by Mrs. O’Donnell he dismissed it just as forcefully.
“Any fool knows a private citizen can’t entrap someone, Mr. O’Keefe said in email to the Washington Times. “Entrapment has two requirements. First, it must be done by a law enforcement agent. Second, the person being entrapped must agree to commit an offense which it otherwise would have been unlikely to commit. I’m obviously not an agent of the Government. And the video speaks for itself on the second requirement.”

Go, James!

15 thoughts on “O’Keefe gets scrappy with MSNBC anchor “fool””

  1. Absolutely love James outfit.
    His reply to those who would attempt to undermine his excellent work rooting out criminal corruption financed by our tax dollars was on par with his videos.
    MSNBC doesn’t have a clue what journalistic integrity is. The longer they try to prop up and promote their twisted left wing ideology, the more foolish they look.

  2. A smackdown on stupidity. She was regurgitating ACORN talking points and he caught her.
    They also have to refute daily the wiretap claims. There were no wires tapped.

  3. I want to ammend my comments about O’Keefe’s wardrobe. He is only missing a the white felt hat with the long white ribbon and the lo-rider Cadillac El Dorado convertible and some ‘bling’.
    I will give him credit for creativily working with a limited budget.
    Heaven for bid that a private citizen would ‘entrap’ an individual or an organization funded by federal tax dollars that was facilitating the use of 13 year illegal aliens smuggled into this country for the purposes of child sex slavery and then counseling the crime boss into how to hide the income from the illicit venture and thereby evading paying income taxes on the profits some of which were going to be used for campaign financing.
    What liberal/progressive democrat could possibley object to that thoroughly pragmatic approach to gaming the system?
    The only thing ‘new under the sun’ about these latest revelations is that ACORN got caught.
    All you folks already under the Obama campaign bus make room the ‘b’ team is headed your way.
    yor bro ken

  4. Gotta love the phrase:
    “conservative activists”
    I never thought I would live to see such a phrase!
    Conservative Activists
    Think about it.

  5. Love the costume! And Halloween’s just around the corner.
    I wonder if James would like to run the brothel at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Those boys guarding the Embassy were having quite the wild parties among one another… vodka shots out of each others’ rear ends, urinating on each other, and other sexual deviancy. And, I imagine he wouldn’t need ACORN to provide the tax advice!

  6. Two people go into an ACORN dressed in cheezy Halloween costumes and on multiple occasions ACORN employees took them seriously.
    I can only conclude that these two were not the first to come in dressed that way seeking similar services.

  7. This kid is AMAZING.. He gives great interview! My daughter and I were watching some of them, back to back, last night…we joked about them being super heroes and that there needs to be a movie and James and Hannah Dolls! They really are a Dynamic Duo.
    LOVE THEM!!!

  8. Aren’t these members of the NBC family that gave us “To Catch A Predator” with Chris Hansen ?
    I will admit to being confused by Ms O’Donnell’s logic
    Posted by: Jeff Stone at September 17, 2009 11:04 PM
    Excellent point.
    ‘It’s not entrapment if WE (liberal humanist jounalists) do it.’
    You uppity conservatives are not qualified to do this kind of work.
    yor bro ken

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