This should be a time of peace, yet my gaiety was completely curtailed when I pulled up behind a car that had a bumper sticker that read, “If Mary was Pro-Choice, There Would Be No Christmas.” Is this really necessary?…

In the spirit of the holiday season, would it be so bad to drop the agendas and REALIZE that we all basically agree on the same goal – to lower the number of abortions…. Instead of arguing about the immorality of abortion, efforts should be made to advocate solutions to the prevention of unintended pregnancy….

How about a bumper sticker that reads, “Against Abortion? Don’t Have One” – because when it comes down to it, all Roe v. Wade has done is provided women with choice. What we each do with that choice, is personal and private. And what Mary would have done with that choice, is speculation that is pointless to consider and really just serves to undermine the whole spirit of the season.

~Dawn Stacey,, December 11