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Former abortion clinic escort arrested for “bumping” pro-lifer with car

20709473_BG1by Andy Moore of AbortionWiki.org

A former escort at a South Carolina abortion clinic decided to start the year off with a bang. Literally.

Larry Carter Center (mug shot right) is a former Green Party candidate for the S.C. House of Representatives and well-known socialist activist. He has also worked as a volunteer escort for the Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion business.

On January 12, as Carter was driving his teal sedan out of the parking lot of the abortion business, he “bumped” 81-yr-old pro-lifer William Gasque in the knee with his front bumper.

NARAL’s new president: Left-wing radical who admits, “We are losing”

by Andy Moore of AbortionWiki.org

main-thumb-4113327-200-M9acS2peUs5T3HwWkwWH11Wyfg026kDHOn January 14 NARAL Pro-Choice America announced it had chosen a new president. The newly-selected leader, Ilyse Hogue, pictured right, is set to take over the reigns of the organization at the end of January.

“So, who is this woman?” is the question most pro-lifers and even many on the other side are asking.

When current president Nancy Keenan (pictured below with Hogue) announced in May 2012 her intention to retire, she said she thought a younger leader would better connect with the Millennial generation.

Facebook bans Victoria Jackson for posting graphic abortion photo

A few facts…

1. The Left heralds abortion as a constitutional right.

2. Facebook allows only people age 13 and over to create personal pages. In other words, every female on Facebook has the legal right to abort.

3. Facebook allows a pro-abortion activist to post instructions on how to commit illegal self-abortions. (Facebook briefly censored the instructions but reposted them and apologized.)

So, logically and objectively speaking, why in the world would Facebook censor information about abortion? Isn’t FB for full disclosure and informed consent?

Would FB actually help promote a surgical procedure but censor what that procedure entails?

Yes, FB does this, and repeatedly, by removing photos showing the reality of abortion.

The latest victim of Facebook’s censorship is Victoria Jackson.

Planned Parenthood: Profit of Death – even its own members

by Andy Moore of AbortionWiki.org

Planned Parenthood’s bread and butter is death. The helpless, the disabled, and ethnic minorities are their prey.

But believe it or not, Planned Parenthood has even employed a way to profit from the death of its own members. This from the Fall 2008 newsletter of Six Rivers Planned Parenthood in California, discovered while researching for AbortionWiki:

Gisela and Jerry Rohde

Gisela and Jerry Rohde have been Planned Parenthood supporters for many years. Recently, the Rohdes became the 87th and 88th members of our Heritage Society because they believe in the SRPP mission of creating a world of wanted children…. By leaving part of their estate to Six Rivers Planned Parenthood, they ensure their legacy and their commitment to SRPP services…. As a thank you for their support, Heritage Society members receive a complimentary ticket to the annual Choices Breakfast every year.

New website reveals abortion clinic med mal and health code violations nationwide

Secular Pro-Life has unveiled a new website that will catalog all medical malpractice and health code violations of abortion mills across the country.

Add this information to AbortionDocs.org, which tracks abortionist malpractice and negligence violations as well as the status of their medical licenses, and AbortionWiki.org, which will be “the reference of choice for all information relating to abortion,” and pro-lifers are building an extensive reference library about the abortion industry and players.

SPL’s online database, AbortionSafety.com, provides abortion-minded women with the latest information on health violations and malpractice lawsuits, ensuring that they make more informed decisions.

Abortion proponents profile pro-life leaders and activists

Well it didn’t take long for my new son-in-law to stir up trouble in the U.S. I couldn’t be prouder.

He would be Kiwi Andy Moore, who launched AbortionWiki.org a couple months ago, about the same time Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman launched AbortionDocs.org.

And look at the hornets they have stirred. Pro-life friend Leslie forwarded me this email she received a couple days ago. Click to enlarge…

(Prolifer)ations 1-27-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.com. Star Studded Super Step’s Andy Moore has birthed a new website, AbortionWiki.org, which intends to compile information on the global abortion industry into […]


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