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Hillary thinks she should be president because she loves pregnant mothers and children. Gag.


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was officially launched yesterday via a video carefully crafted to give the impression she loves pregnant mothers, children and families.

I see Obama 3.0 ahead, wherein the pro-life community sees and speaks right through Clinton’s lies while liberals, abortion proponents, and the mainstream media cover up the truth, which is that Hillary Clinton supports this:


and this:


and this:


and this:


and has stated, “government should have no role” in abortion.

In other words, Hillary Clinton supports the Wild West of Abortion.

But becoming a grandmother to a baby she would have okayed Chelsea aborting by suctioning the brain out of her half-delivered body has somehow stirred Clinton onward. Quoting from The Hill, April 10:

“Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on,” she said. “Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up.”

She describes receiving gifts from women around the country when Charlotte was born. Among them, she says, was a quilt with panels depicting different part of Clinton’s daughter Chelsea’s life.

“I wondered for a moment what a quilt of my own life would look like,” she said. “There were so many people who had taught me so much. And now I had one more. In just a few months, Charlotte had already helped me see the world in new ways.”

“There was so much more to do. So many more panels waiting to be filled in. I folded up the quilt and got back to work.”

I’ll tell you what. No one in their right mind would want to own a quilt made of Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion panels. Such a quilt would be sick, demented – but merely a reflection of her.

But there are a lot of sick people in America today.  With 57 million little Americans dead by abortion, justice is coming.

We began to see that justice dispensed in the election and re-election of Barack Obama,. As Dick Cheney said on April 7:

If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing. I think his actions are constituted in my mind those of the worst president we’ve ever had.

And Cheney didn’t even mention Obama’s most heinous work: Abortion advocacy – keeping the abortion spigot open to abortion groups not only in the U.S. but around the world; appointing pro-abortion judges to the bench; expanding taxpayer funding of abortion in Obamacare; forcing religious objectors to personally pay for abortions and abortion drugs; and trying to remove conscience protections from medical professionals. Not to mention his executive order granting new taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation.

Hillary Clinton wants to grab the abortion baton from Obama and run with it, wrapping herself in her abortion quilt when she crosses the finish line.

“When families are strong, America is strong,” says Hillary in her new ad.


USA Today columnist predicts the future of abortion in America

prolifegenerationby Kelli

Though the U.S. demographic future is more skeptical of abortion, and will limit abortion more than it is now (likely bringing it into line with Europe’s far more restrictive abortion laws), future Americans will also make substantial room for choice, especially in difficult situations.

Abortion-rights activists like to tell scary stories about the possibility that women whose lives are threatened or who are victims of sexual violence will be denied abortions, but even nearly 70% of pro-lifers want abortion to be legal in those circumstances.

At bottom, young people simply don’t share the basic assumptions of an outdated abortion debate in which it’s either the mother or the embryo. While they want to limit abortion, young people also want much more social support for women, especially when it comes to their being able to keep their children. They will be the generation to finally bring us things such as mandatory paid paternal leave, affordable child care and strictly enforced gender discrimination laws in the workplace.

In short, they will refuse to choose between protecting mother and embryo.

~ Charles C. Camosy, USA Today, March 23

[Photo via pinterest.com]

Sunday funnies 1-25-15

Good morning, and Happy Sunday!

I was disappointed that, to my knowledge, no conservative political cartoonist addressed the 20-week abortion ban scandal in the GOP-controlled House.

That aside, here were my top five favorite political cartoons this week. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of this post.

On the topic of abortion on this 42nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision, here are two. The first is actually an illustration by Alexander Hunter of the Washington Times to accompany an op ed by Ken Blackwell, “Aborting black America”:
 by Steve Breen of Townhall.com
 On a related topic – Pope Francis’ controversial remark – by Jeff Danziger at GoComics.com
 Steve Kelley at Townhall.com provides a nice segue…
 And can’t let Deflategate go unmentioned, by Nate Beeler at Townhall.com


Abortion extremists storm Tennessee capitol… because it worked so well for them in Texas?


Yesterday was the first day of session for the new Tennessee legislature.

It was particularly notable for those involved in the abortion issue because it symbolized a new day for the Tennessee pro-life movement in the wake of Amendment 1’s passage last November.

Amendment 1 undid a radical 2000 Tennessee Supreme Court decision claiming the right to abortion was sacrosanct in the state constitution. As a result, previously passed pro-life protections were struck down, and pro-lifers have been unable to enact any new pro-life laws since.

Tennessee Right to Life is backing three bills that would restore laws the Supremes struck down – informed consent, a waiting period, and abortion clinic regulations.

Another legislator is introducing a bill requiring abortionists to show ultrasounds to abortion-minded mothers of the baby they are about to kill.

And so, a lawfully executed pro-life floodgate has been opened in Tennessee… which pro-abortion extremists apparently can’t handle

The abortion lobby boasted it would have 1,500 marchers “greet” legislators at the capitol yesterday.

But it’s never a good idea to pre-advertise crowd numbers. Commercialappeal.com reported the actual tally was 1/3 that, 500-600, which is close to the 400-500 I’m told pro-lifers on the ground counted.

From that throng about 50 wild hairs left before speakers had even finished and stormed the capitol building.

Why, because that tactic worked so well for them in Texas? Here’s a bit of video of the mob scene…

YouTube Preview Image

At least I don’t hear anyone chanting “Hail, Satan” or hurling used tampons or bags of feces. That’s an improvement.

2015-01-14_0842Republican lawmakers were unfazed, even finding the scene a bit humorous. Reported timesfreepress.com:

More than 20 Tennessee state troopers initially barred their way to the stairwell leading to the second floor where the house and senate chambers are located and where lawmakers were being sworn in.

As a man with a drum pounded and protesters demanded to go upstairs, troopers let a number go….

About a dozen or so young women chanted “pro-choice, pro-family” as senators streamed out of the chamber.

Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Bo Watson, R-Hixson, watched, smiling.

“Welcome to America,” Watson said when asked by a reporter what he thought about the protest. “That’s fine. It’s part of the process.”

Once the legislators left, so did the protesters.

“It’s America at it’s best,” said Senate Republican Majority Leader Mark Norris.

[Top photo via Tennesseean; bottom photo via Rick Locker on Twitter]

Columnist: Women are not “slaves to their libidos”

mcallisterby Kelli

Rampell argues that if only poor people in America could get free birth control and more comprehensive sex education, have “easy access” to abortions in unregulated clinics, and receive more government-sponsored childcare by expanding the welfare state, then unwanted pregnancies would be a thing of the past and Americans would live happily ever after.

Oh, the joy of a liberal utopia.

Rampell doesn’t pause to consider other factors that have seriously contributed to the disparity between the rich and poor on out-of-wedlock births. Instead of looking at the issue in terms of personal choice regarding marriage and childbirth, as well as personal responsibility, and respecting all people as rational human beings capable of self-government, she concludes that a “trap” is being laid; someone must be doing something to these women or not enough for them. Neither is truly the case….

When it comes to finding solutions that will help low-income single mothers, we need to do more than just dish out contraceptives (which will be ineffective for those who are actually choosing to have babies out of wedlock), herd them into unregulated abortion clinics, give them “comprehensive” sex education that fails to factor in the spiritual and moral dimension of human beings, and then continue their dependence on government and the cycle of poverty by increasing welfare programs….

I can just hear the mockery now and the hysterical screams of “Don’t stigmatize my choice to have sex!” But no one is stigmatizing sex, let alone your choice to have it. What’s being stigmatized in our culture is marriage and the choice not to have sex….

[S]ome of us have a higher view of women — that they don’t have to be controlled by their base desires, by poverty, by fear, by dependency — all of which drive us to more constricted and unhappy lives.

We can do better. We have done better. And we can be better again.

~ D.C. McAllister (pictured), responding to Catherine Rampell’s assertion that “sex is for rich people” and that “a trap” is laid for poor people who want to have sex, The Federalist, October 21

Pro-life blog buzz 10-10-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • ProLifeBlogs shares a post from After Abortion detailing the death of an Italian woman from RU-486, which was administered in a hospital. This is the first known death in Italy due to the chemical abortion pill.
  • Operation Rescue announces that eight New Jersey abortion clinics are set to be closed, thanks to the NJ State Board of Medical Examiners’ revocation of abortionist Steven Chase Brigham’s medical license. The raid on his abortion mill revealed the remains of 35 late-term aborted children stored in his freezer:

    In addition to his most recent revocation in New Jersey, Brigham has had licenses revoked or surrendered in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California.

    “If Brigham is not fit to practice in five states, he isn’t fit to practice anywhere,” said [OR’s Troy] Newman. “We are now calling on Virginia, Florida, and Delaware to immediately shut down Brigham’s abortion facilities in those states based on the findings of the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, which found that Brigham’s deceptive and fraudulent practices, which are being replicated at every abortion facility he owns, pose a danger to the public.”

    It should be noted that Brigham, a man who stored the dead bodies of children in his freezer, blames pro-lifers for his woes. Late-term abortionists like Brigham are considered heroes among abortion advocates.


  • At New Wave Feminists, Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa shares a poster that makes a great point about bodily autonomy (left; click to enlarge).
  • Bound4Life has a collection of encouraging videos on the sanctity of human life from the recent 2014 Values Voters Summit. These bold messages are sorely needed to be heard by all.
  • At USA Today, Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life has a great op-ed responding to pro-choicers who argue that certain safety standards for abortion clinics just aren’t necessary:

    The story of Karnamaya [Mongar]’s death [at Kermit Gosnell’s clinic] defies imagination. When she was found unresponsive after her abortion, emergency responders struggled through narrow hallways barely able to maneuver a stretcher.

    The grand jury that indicted Gosnell for manslaughter noted in its report that Karnamaya’s “slim chances of survival were seriously hampered because it was exceedingly difficult for responders to get her to the waiting ambulance.” Twenty minutes of precious life-saving time was lost….

    Clinics claim that they should be allowed to self-regulate and self-police, unlike any other provider of a medical procedure. They want to continue being regulated even less than nail salons. With great outrage, they claim that heath and safety standards such as outpatient clinic regulations are too “burdensome.”

    Which ones in particular? Hallway widths.

    Health and safety standards close no clinics. Abortionists close clinics when they refuse to fully protect women and refuse to comply with laws that other facilities follow.


  • Pro-Life in TN is alarmed at the media’s love affair with death by assisted suicide, which some doctors are saying should be “safe, legal, and rare” (sound familiar?). The latest person to romanticize assisted suicide is a terminally ill young woman who plans to die on November 1st in Oregon:

    [Brittany] Maynard [pictured right] is using her last days to help for others in similar situations, volunteering for Compassion & Choices, an advocacy organization for terminally-ill patients in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey. She has launched the Brittany Maynard Fund to fight for death-with-dignity laws in other states. Later this month, she plans to videotape a testimony for California lawmakers and voters….

    Five states have already legalized assisted suicide (or the prettier name, “death with dignity”) and bills are pending in seven other states. In Maynard, the media seems to have found their face and sound bites to further promote this aspect of the culture of death.

  • Suzy B says NARAL has launched attack ads against the SBA List, which insinuate that the pro-life organization is no better than a molester:

    Why is NARAL unleashing this disgusting attack on the SBA List and its members?

    Because they know they cannot win the debate over whether painful, brutal late-term abortions should be allowed in America. They can’t attack our message, so instead they are attacking the messenger.

  • Wesley J. Smith is stunned to report that “two internationally respected neurologists conclude that Jahi McMath isn’t brain dead, and the Stanford court appointed independent expert isn’t even curious to see what is going on?” Videos showing her responding to requests to move her hands and feet do not appear to arouse their curiosity to order more tests. Smith writes:

    Here’s my bottom line as one who believed she was dead last year:
    – Maintaining trust in the integrity of the system, alone warrants a second look.
    – So does the interest of science, because we may have witnesses an unprecedented event in brain death science.
    – So does the potential future of a little girl.

    … If this were a death penalty case, the level of evidence presented would create sufficient doubt to justify a reopen because the case involves life and death. If we can do that for a murderer, surely we can for an innocent and potentially alive little girl.

[Images via New Wave Feminists, People.com]

Ray Rice video demonstrates why America should see abortion

Ray Rice knocks out fiance

The problem with all of this posturing is that the video released by TMZ does not really constitute new – or at least probative – evidence at all…. [W]e know from Rice’s own admission that he struck Palmer in that elevator….

But we humans are weird creatures. It is one thing to know, intellectually, that Ray Rice knocked a woman unconscious in a hotel elevator. It is another thing to actually see it happen….

Humans place inordinate value at an emotional level upon what they can see, as opposed to what is visible with all their other senses….

This is, in essence, the reason our abortion policy has remained essentially static over the last 40 years in this country in spite of astonishing scientific advances in terms of understanding fetal development and our ability to move the viability window for premature children continually backwards. Virtually the entire country turned on the Iraq war between 2003 and 2006 because of the constant visual stream of war casualties that we were not willing to accept; meanwhile roughly the same number of children are killed in utero each day as died in the entire Iraq conflict, and to even speak of this atrocity is considered tiresome and gauche by the ruling elite, even within the Republican party.

There is, in fact, a reason that proponents of abortion-on-demand resist so strongly any attempt to require women who plan to get abortions to view an ultrasound of the unborn child…. [T]hey know that if America’s emotional reactions ever catch up to what we are increasingly aware of on an intellectual and scientific level, the terms of this debate can and will change quickly and not in their favor.

The lamentable and disgusting farce that has played out in the NFL concerning Ray Rice shows that we are willing to tolerate with relatively little fuss that which we intellectually know and understand, but not what we are actually forced to watch with our own eyes. And the purveyors of the campaign of death in this country know that America has much the same instinct regarding the 1+ million children who are aborted every year.

Or at least, I hope we would.

~ Leon H. Wolf, RedState.com, September 8

Star gets testy when “Obvious Child” billed as “abortion rom-com”

Jenny Slate in the abortion rom-com Obvious Child

As commenter Christina noted on Facebook (a line I stole on Twitter), “Let’s make abortion the central theme of a comedy, then pretend we’re not trivializing it and trying to make it funny.”

But that’s exactly what the star of a romantic comedy about abortion is trying to say.

The movie Obvious Child is debuting across the pond, and before it has gone reviews and opinions from America, pretty much all pegging it as “the abortion romcom,” to quote The Guardian.

But the movie’s star, Jenny Slate (pictured above in a scene from the movie), doesn’t like that portrayal:

“Ugh, that is such a bummer, that term. An abortion romcom – that’s not a thing!” Slate says with an eye-roll. “The movie isn’t saying that abortions are funny. It’s saying that people are funny.”

That’s not what Slate’s comedic pal Jimmy Fallon thought when complimenting her on the picture. “It’s getting great reviews because it’s a serious issue, but you make it lighthearted, you make it funny,” said Fallon, as quoted by NewsBusters.

planned-parenthood-america-obvious-child-abortion-rom-comAnd Slate kept her thoughts to herself when Obvious Child was being plugged by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards:

This is a hilarious and honest story about one young woman trying to figure out life and dating, and it includes an unapologetic look at her decision to have an abortion….

[I]t shows her as a full and complete person making the serious decision to end a pregnancy and still having a full and fun life.

Or when the Los Angeles Times was giving Obvious Child rave reviews as “finally, a romantic comedy about abortion.”

If this wasn’t a rom-com about abortion, why all the advance screenings for the abortion industry? Why was Planned Parenthood consulted in the making of the film, “vetting the script and allowing them to shoot in a clinic”? quoting Mother Jones.

But Slate and director Gillian Robespierre apparently no longer need abortion zealots to help them sell their movie. That or they have found abortion advocates are really no help at all – perhaps radioactive even?

Whatever, they’re now shunning the “abortion rom-com” label, to which I tweeted yesterday:

A few hours later Slate responded:

I did see the movie, Jenny. It’s a romantic comedy about abortion. Again, own it. What’s the problem?

[HT: AntiRHOfficial on Twitter; second photo of Slate viaPlanned Parenthood]