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Stanek weekend question: Name some 2011 pro-life victories?

The American Center for Law and Justice, listing its 2011 victories yesterday, recalled the failed effort by the New York City Council to force pregnancy care centers to post signage stating they do not commit abortions. ACLJ sued the city and won a preliminary injunction, stopping the unconstitutional ordinance from taking effect.

2011 has been a very good year on the pro-life front. Can you name a victory or two?

Stanek weekend question I: What “truth in advertising” signs should abortion clinics be forced to post?

On March 2 the New York City Council passed a hostile bill forcing pregnancy care centers to post signage that they do not commit abortions.

This despite the recent release of NYC health dept. statistics revealing that 14.5% of all US abortions are committed there annually, making it the nation’s abortion capital, and that 41% of all of Gotham’s babies are killed by abortion, with the number spiking to 60% of all African-American babies.

A commenter at NRO’s The Corner suggested additional information prcs should include on their signs:

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Jivin J’s Life Links 3-3-11

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The New York City Council has passed legislation (by a vote of 39-9) requiring pregnancy resource centers to disclose that they don’t perform abortions:

    Opponents cited a federal judge’s ruling in Maryland that struck down a similar bill in Baltimore as proof that this type of legislation violates the centers’ constitutional rights. The opponents of the bill pledged to file a lawsuit.The legislation would require all pregnancy services centers to disclose whether they provide abortions, emergency contraception and prenatal care, or make referrals to organizations that do.

    The information would have to be posted in English and Spanish at the centers and in advertisements.

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New Stanek WND.com column, “NYC’s bill targeting pregnancy centers: DOA”

Momentum was on their side when last October abortion proponents introduced legislation in the liberally toxic New York City Council to hamstring pregnancy care centers.

Bill No. 371, which mimics ordinances passed in Baltimore and Austin, would force PCCs in NYC to post signage that they do not commit abortions or distribute contraceptives. It would also force them to notify clients if there were no doctor in the house….

But then came a report two weeks ago from the NYC Department of Health….

For Bill No. 371, the timing of this report could not have been worse….

Now Bill No. 371 looks not only cruel but harmful to women….

NARAL didn’t help its cause when it released its annual report last week, giving New York a grade of “A-” for abortion advocacy and ranking it the 12th-best state to “procure a hasty abortion,” as Juno would say.

Nor did the pro-abortion think tank Guttmacher Institute help, also reporting last week that U.S. abortions are slightly up after declining for almost 20 years….

My prediction?…

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Pro-lifer asks pro-abort NYC Council members: “Excuse me, who is targeting whom?”

Gerard Nadal of the Coming Home blog told me about an amazing exchange he had with pro-abort New York City Council members during a hearing they held November 16 on a bill to force pregnancy care centers to post signage that they do not commit abortions.

Jerry said he set aside his written testimony after listening to ludicrous pro-abort accusations.

I asked Gerard to write a post  on what he said. Here is Part I

Guest post by Dr. Gerard Nadal

Two weeks ago I joined many other pro-life leaders in testifying before the New York City Council on why their proposed legislation to restrict free speech at crisis pregnancy centers (aka pregnancy resource centers) is a very dangerous idea.

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