Stanek weekend question I: What “truth in advertising” signs should abortion clinics be forced to post?

On March 2 the New York City Council passed a hostile bill forcing pregnancy care centers to post signage that they do not commit abortions.

This despite the recent release of NYC health dept. statistics revealing that 14.5% of all US abortions are committed there annually, making it the nation’s abortion capital, and that 41% of all of Gotham’s babies are killed by abortion, with the number spiking to 60% of all African-American babies.

A commenter at NRO’s The Corner suggested additional information prcs should include on their signs:

Services available at this center

Free pregnancy testing
Referrals to reduced fee or free pre-natal ultrasounds
Referrals to reduced fee prenatal healthcare
Continued counseling during and after pregnancy
Referrals to housing and educational centers for pregnant teens
Referrals to adoption agencies and adoption counselors (ask to see the notebook with pictures and letters from hopeful prospective adoptive families)
Free maternity clothes available as gifts or loans
Baby layettes of newborn clothing, diapers and other items
Loans and gifts of new and gently used baby equipment
Referrals to post abortion counseling

This center does not provide abortions.

Another commenter suggested signs Planned Parenthood could post:

Back in the day, McDonald’s used to prominently display how many billions of burgers served.

40 Million Babies Killed

keeping in the McDonald’s vein, the theme of the ads could be:

I’m not lovin’ it

Another commenter had generic suggestions for mills:

We Buy Your Unwanted Appendages
Controlling Population Growth Since 1919
Quality of Life over Quantity of Life

What signage ideas do you have for both abortion mills and pregnancy care centers to post?

[HT: Jack Yoest; sign via The Epi Times]

33 thoughts on “Stanek weekend question I: What “truth in advertising” signs should abortion clinics be forced to post?”

  1. Since PP was started by Margaret Sanger how about elimination of  useless eaters (from the Nazi regime) come early for  less down time. Rely on the speed and convenience of one stop shop for  their sex life.


  2. After our “neutral” pregnancy options counseling, over 97% of clients get an abortion.  This is because we lie about prenatal development and sugar-coat abortion’s physical and psychological risks.


  3. One of our greatest presidents, Dr. Alan Guttmacher, wrote in his 1933 book Life in the Making that “”We of today know that man is born of sexual union; that he starts life as an embryo within the body of the female; and that the embryo is formed from the fusion of two single cells, the ovum and the sperm. This all seems so simple and evident to us that it is difficult to picture a time when it was not part of the common knowledge.”


  4. ‘dead babies r us’, coming to a ghetteo near you.

    de-populating the planet one dead baby at a time.

    One giant schlep for mankind.

    Every child a dead child.

    Some women may be killed in the process, but it is a sacrifice we are willing to make.

    If some is good, more is better.

    Abortion on demand is good for business, invest a baby.

    We are equal opportunity predators, but we do embrace the concept of affirmative action. We will open early and stay late for ethnic minorities, especially poor ones.

    We reserve the right NOT to refuse service to anyone, especially pedaphiles, pimps, child traffickers and racists.

    Have currette-will travel, but don’t leave home wthout us.

    Will kill for cash… or billion of dollars in federally funded re-imbursements.

    The Surgeon General has determined that elective abortion increases the breast cancer rate in post abortive women.

    [pp is undecided as to whether this is good news or bad news or no news at all.]


    non-sequiter alert:

    CBS has just announced Charly Sheens departure will not result in cancelation of the show. Network executives say the the show will continue to be produced and broadcast under a new name:

    ‘2 Men’


  5. Note:  The sponser for this bill attacking CPC’s  is a villian called Jessica Lappin, former deathscourt for PP.


  6. PRCs:
    This center does not provide abortion services, referrals for abortion, or birth control
    BUT Does Provide:
    FREE Pregnancy Tests, Options Counseling, and Information on Abortion
    Reduced-Fee STD Testing
    Reduced-Fee Prenatal Care and Free Ultrasounds
    Parenting Support Services & Adoption Information
    Post-Abortion Counseling & Support
    Community Referrals for Food, Housing, Utility, & Clothing Assistance, Care for Victims of Domestic Violence, & Medical Care

    Family Planning Clinics & Abortion Providers:
    We Provide Family Planning Services & Are Proudly Pro-Choice
    BUT Do Not Provide:
    Complete Options Counseling Unless Asked
    Complete Information on Abortion Risks & Complications
    Complete & Accurate Prenatal Dvelopment
    Prenatal Care
    Adoption Information
    Pregnancy & Parenting Classes/Support Services
    Infertility Testing & Treatment
    Counseling & Support Services Post-Abortion


  7. yor bro ken says:
    “Some women may be killed in the process, but it is a sacrifice we are willing to make.”
    That’s right, every movement needs its martyrs.


  8. “he starts life as an embryo”

    From the mouth of Guttmacher?  Unbelievable…

    How about this for a sign on every Planned Parenthood?

    “We want to exterminate the Negro population” – Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood


  9. PP should post:

     “We take no responsibility for injured hearts and souls … please leave emotions, morals & God outside before entering.”


  10. (posted beside picture of aborted child)
    “If the laws were liberalized just a bit more, if it safeguarded casual sex, and if it paid enough, we’d happily do this to you, too.”


  11. Cranky,


    You do have a gift for getting to the point.

    On another note:

    pp = preachng promiscuity

    pp = peeved pipers

    PP = perpetually perturbed

    pp = protecting pedaphiles

    pp = perpetuating prostitution

    pp = preventing paternity

    pp = promoting pimps

    pp = political parasites

    pp = preclude paternity

    pp =  parasitic pimps

    pp = preening posteriors


  12. Jo says:  March 5, 2011 at 9:22 am
    “That’s right, every movement needs its martyrs.”



    Just to be clear I am not willing to sacrifice the life any woman or child, but I am sure pp would captialize and exploit any tragedy to promote and perpetuate it’s peverted philosophy.

    There is nothing beneath them, no line they will not cross to ensure  more dead babies.


  13. Every child a wanted child!
    Every unwanted child torn to pieces and thrown in the trash!


  14. LOL!!! Cranky Catholic (you did it again), Ken and Xalisae great post guys.


  15. “Parents/Guardians of Minors are responsible for the costs of any medical  complications resulting from treatments at Planned Parenthood.”


  16. Inspired by pharmer’s remark,  

    Warning:  A minor can abort without her parent’s knowledge and/or consent (according to State Law ####).  Informing parents is not our main concern.  

    A woman should never be burdened with motherhood.


  17. “We reserve the right to sell your babies’ parts for scientific experimentation.”


  18. off PP own tax returns – ” the purpose of Planned Parenthood Federation of America is to provide leadership in “[a]chieving, through informed individual choice, a U.S. population of stable size in an optimum environment; in stimulating and sponsoring relevant biomedical, socio-economic, and demographic research.”


  19. We do not provide prenatal care.
    We do not provide comprehensive healthcare.
    We do not provide accurate information.
    We do provide a variety of ways to end the life of your child.
    Planned Parenthood and its affiliates provides a death-tolerant facility in which you may choose to kill your offspring without the burden of guilt. Should you choose to regret this decision later, Planned Parenthood will neither accept responsibility nor acknowledge the validity of these feelings. Have a nice day!


  20. hate resposibility…..we will enable you to escape it as long as you can keep laying down and making babies and we even make it easy on the guy to walk away from his part in it…….dont worry two people will enter this clinic but only one will leave alive.


  21. Planned Parenthood should be required to tell customers who precisely is doing the killing.


  22. Cranky,

    Clever! That’s real truth in advertising!
    You know, the signs will have to be very large to be readable…. they may not pass a city’s size ordinances (assuming it’s a free-standing sign).


  23. You know, Cranky’s sign (brilliant!) made me think of another aspect of truth in advertising not touched upon yet.  Carhart in particular has made a point to hire people with checkered pasts.  When they turned on him, he used their histories to cry “lack of credibility”, but how about a sign talking about the staff’s qualifications:
    The staff has a cumulative jail time of X years, 4 felonies, and today’s abortionist has had his license suspended in (only) 2 other states.


  24. My first thought upon reading this article was that PP should have a sign reading, “Murder coming soon to a womb near you.”  I am currently doing research to find out who among our entertainers are pro-murder and welcome any information.  I would like to post the list on my blog in hopes of discouraging the purchase of music, movies, and other entertainment that will support PP and other pro-murder entities.  We need to really think about where we are spending our money and who we are supporting.  What is our entertainment worth to us?  The life of a child? 


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