On March 2 the New York City Council passed a hostile bill forcing pregnancy care centers to post signage that they do not commit abortions.

This despite the recent release of NYC health dept. statistics revealing that 14.5% of all US abortions are committed there annually, making it the nation’s abortion capital, and that 41% of all of Gotham’s babies are killed by abortion, with the number spiking to 60% of all African-American babies.

A commenter at NRO’s The Corner suggested additional information prcs should include on their signs:

Services available at this center

Free pregnancy testing
Referrals to reduced fee or free pre-natal ultrasounds
Referrals to reduced fee prenatal healthcare
Continued counseling during and after pregnancy
Referrals to housing and educational centers for pregnant teens
Referrals to adoption agencies and adoption counselors (ask to see the notebook with pictures and letters from hopeful prospective adoptive families)
Free maternity clothes available as gifts or loans
Baby layettes of newborn clothing, diapers and other items
Loans and gifts of new and gently used baby equipment
Referrals to post abortion counseling

This center does not provide abortions.

Another commenter suggested signs Planned Parenthood could post:

Back in the day, McDonald’s used to prominently display how many billions of burgers served.

40 Million Babies Killed

keeping in the McDonald’s vein, the theme of the ads could be:

I’m not lovin’ it

Another commenter had generic suggestions for mills:

We Buy Your Unwanted Appendages
Controlling Population Growth Since 1919
Quality of Life over Quantity of Life

What signage ideas do you have for both abortion mills and pregnancy care centers to post?

[HT: Jack Yoest; sign via The Epi Times]

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