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My new role at Susan B. Anthony List

SBA-20_logoOriginally posted June 23, 2015

Dear faithful readers of JillStanek.com:

First, the exciting news: I am honored to have accepted a position at Susan B. Anthony List as its National Campaign Chair! Read more at WorldNetDaily.com. Also read SBA’s press release and a a blurb in Politico’s Pulse.

I have been a long-time admirer of Marjorie Dannenfelser and the SBA List team, many of whom are friends. I partnered with the group during the 2012 election cycle for a bus tour exposing Barack Obama’s abortion/infanticide extremism.

This is a new position, for which I will travel the country on behalf of SBA List, speaking to pro-life activists, donors, and voters to promote SBA List’s aggressive campaign strategy to elect a pro-life president in 2016 and advance the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

This will be a permanent position. After the 2016 election there will be the need to conduct another national pro-life political campaign… and another… and another.

But of immediate importance to me, as you know, is passage of the Pain-Capable Act, because as an RN I witnessed the excruciating deaths of 20+ week abortion survivors who would have been saved had a 20-week abortion ban been in place.

Electing a pro-life president is the gateway to enacting this legislation into law. And, of course, a president also wields a tremendous amount of influence in other areas of importance to pro-lifers, such as funding abortion groups and the pro-death agenda, judicial nominations, and other pro-life/abortion legislation.

I witnessed firsthand how devastating pro-abortion legislators can be when I watched then-state Senator Barack Obama vote four times against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act and take a leadership role in seeing its defeat.

Now, the sad news. Because my position at SBA List will be full-time, I have made the difficult decision to grind almost all activities at JillStanek.com to a halt, after 10 years of blogging here. I will basically be keeping the blog open now for archival purposes, posting my own blogs very infrequently.

Stanek weekend question: Thoughts on first-ever passage of personhood amendment?

Embarrassing CapitolMarch 22 was historic for the pro-life movement. Quoting Huffington Post:

North Dakota became the first state on Friday to pass a fetal personhood amendment, which grants legal personhood rights to embryos from the moment of fertilization. The state House of Representatives voted 57 to 35 to pass the amendment, after the Senate passed the same measure last month.

The measure will now appear on the November 2014 ballot [JLS note: governor did not need to sign], and voters will be able to accept or reject it. If it passes, it will amend North Dakota’s constitution to state that “the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” The amendment would ban abortion in the state, without exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother….

There was another first, most encouraging. According to LifeSiteNews.com:

Obama DOJ drops one FACE lawsuit, doubles down on another

I’ve been following two (of eight) Freedom of Access to Clinics Act cases brought by Obama’s Department of Justice against pro-life activists.

There is good news to report on one and bad on another.

District court judges in both lawsuits had ruled against the DOJ, and the ball was in the DOJ’s court.

Movie, “Gates of Hell”: What happens when blacks learn the truth about the abortion agenda

6/8, 10:40a: More here, including another trailer. 6/6, 9:43a: by Carder This movie ain’t about not caring about white children. This movie ain’t about blaming white folks. There’s a far bigger picture. To these white conservatives in question, don’t ya’ll screw this up for us! Ya’ll sit yo’ behind down and shut up! ~ AlfonZo […]

Buried: Phill Kline previously cleared of ethics charges

I wrote yesterday that the Kansas Supreme Court is stacked with pro-aborts, appointed by radically pro-abort former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, now Obama’s Secretary of DHHS. In 2006 the Supremes ordered their Disciplinary Administrator, Stanton Hazlett, to investigate Kline on their own complaints of ethics violations. Hazlett hired Lucky DeFreis, Chair of the Ethics Committee of […]

Carhart’s expansion plans boomerang on abortion industry

I wrote in my Thanksgiving week WND.com column I was thankful to abortionist LeRoy Carhart for providing an opening for pro-life activism in the states where he announced he was expanding his late-term abortion business – Indiana, Iowa, and Maryland. So read these lovely headlines from the past 2 days… From the National Catholic Register, […]

New Stanek WND.com column, “Sex and consequences: Link between pro-gay and pro-abortion agendas”

Homosexual and AIDS activists heckled President Obama during a Democrat fundraiser in New York on Sept. 22, complaining about the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and inadequate AIDS funding.

New Stanek WND column, “Collusion in the Heartland”

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has taken Nike’s “Just do it” challenge to tackle life with gusto and run the other way with it. Without checking with any ruling body in the state of IA whether their plan was legal, PP abortionists 2 years ago began dispensing RU-486 abortion pills by computer screen to mothers […]

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