6/8, 10:40a: More here, including another trailer.

6/6, 9:43a: by Carder

This movie ain’t about not caring about white children. This movie ain’t about blaming white folks. There’s a far bigger picture.

To these white conservatives in question, don’t ya’ll screw this up for us! Ya’ll sit yo’ behind down and shut up!

~ AlfonZo Rachel, of the conservative website PJTV, explaining the purpose behind the upcoming abortion thriller movie, Gates of Hell, June 4 [quote at 5:07]

More on the movie from WND.com:

[Molotov] Mitchell’s Illuminati Pictures has teamed with Finnish filmmaker Ani Juva to create Gates of Hell, a shocking new movie that projects into a possible near future the rage of America’s black community after realizing how its children have been exterminated by abortion.

“Three years in the making, Gates of Hell is a documentary from the year 2016 that chronicles the crimes of a band of domestic terrorists known as the Zulu 9,” the film’s website explains. “Ani Juva travels to the United States to better understand the mysterious black-power assassins, the bizarre eugenics conspiracy theory that drove them to commit extreme acts of violence and how America’s political landscape was transformed forever. Blending real history and real public figures with a fictitious (yet plausible) future, it is safe to say that you have never seen a film like Gates of Hell.”

Here’s the trailer:

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”300″]http://vimeo.com/24242550[/vimeo]


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