Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has taken Nike’s “Just do it” challenge to tackle life with gusto and run the other way with it.

Without checking with any ruling body in the state of IA whether their plan was legal, PP abortionists 2 years ago began dispensing RU-486 abortion pills by computer screen to mothers scattered throughout Iowa, some hundreds of miles away….

It is a felony in IA for anyone other than licensed physicians to commit abortion. Since physical contact is never made with telemed abortions, or even possible in most cases, PP’s scheme was questionably legal at best, criminal at worst….

Operation Rescue, through the IA Open Records Act, has received 900 pages of e-mails sent between officials and staff members at the Attorney General’s office, IA Board of Medicine and PP of the Heartland. They smell of collusion.

Example: Citizen’s Information Center is a Boston, MS, citizen’s watchdog group that investigates the medical industry through public-records requests.

In July, CIC formally requested from IBOM copies of the licenses of PP of the Heartland’s abortionists as well as any record of complaints and disciplinary actions against them. These are supposed to be available to the public.

But the Board gave PP a heads up and ample time to file an injunction to stop the release of records to CIC.

Here’s an e-mail from PP attorney Mike Falkstrom to Kent Nebel, IBOM’s director of legal affairs (click to enlarge):

The Board then informed CIC it couldn’t give it the records because PP said no….

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