butterfly 4.jpgWe’ve been tracking the country and western pro-life single, Butterfly. Get background here and here.
I checked in with Jennifer Hicks of the band Bluefield over the weekend and got this report:

I can’t believe your timing! I am right now cutting and pasting quotes off your blog to send to radio!…

We are still hard at it. Our spins are up, but we’re not quite out of the sixties [on the C&W charts]. Hoping to crack into fiftes next week….
Right now we’re holding steady. We just need something to give us a push forward. Kansas City was HUGE for us this week, giving us more than 25 spins – most being morning and daytime spins – which is just huge! Many stations aren’t so brave as to play it in the daytime! Kansas City has jumped on board in a big way, even creating a slot for us on a show there they have coming up. Hopefully other stations will take note and step up, too.

You can help by continuing to call your local C&W radio station and asking it to play Butterfly. Also, if you haven’t downloaded your 99¢ iTunes or Amazon copy of Butterfly, now’s the time. Listen to Butterfly on Bluefield’s MySpace page.

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