Right before comedian Chris Rock was to emcee the Academy Awards in 2005, Matt Drudge linked to a story about one of Rock’s routines, abortion. In that routine Rock said:

Abortion, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful abortion is legal. I love going to an abortion rallies to pick up women, cause you know they are f—ing. You ain’t gonna find a bunch of virgins at the abortion rallies.

View the entire bit here, but be warned it’s vulgarity-laced.
It turned out Rock was using satire to speak against abortion, according to trusted conservative sources.
Now several readers have written to say Damon Wayans’ AbortionMan routine, which JivinJ exposed here and I wrote about on WorldNetDaily.com, was acted in the same vein: satire. Could they be right?
Obscenity alert…

Wrote reader Charles:

Damon was clearly depicting the disgusting horror of abortion in his video. You seemed to miss the fact that his histrionics were not an endorsement. Quite the opposite….

The Wayan Brothers and Jim Carrey performed outrageous parodies and satires on In Living Color, an early Fox comedy show.

abortion man 3.jpg

I am very certain Wayan was bringing an ugly truth home in a way that was palatable to an audience that was unlikely to receive it in a conventional way. The Wayans’ methods are multi-layered. First they open you up, then they pour it in. It’s later that their intent bubbles to the surface and provokes serious thought.
Watch it again, viewing from my paradigm. You might be surprised.

Wrote reader Jarrod:

I followed the link from your site and watched the AbortionMan video. The sketch is crude and sick and twisted but it is also doing something else. It’s showing an abortion for what it really is — a brutal, sick and selfish act of murder, hitman style. When you watch that sketch there is absolutely no question as to what an abortion is. There is no grey area, no blurring of lines. It’s a full on ambush of a woman by a hitman hired by a bum.
I would not presume to claim to know Wayan’s heart or thought process behind that film piece but in its own twisted way it’s making the abortion issue a heck of a lot clearer than those who favor abortions would like. It might not be “bad” for our side after all. That tape made me wonder if the Wayans clan might “secretly” be pro-life. I mean honestly, imagine someone who favors abortion watching that sketch. It makes THEM look like vermain. It makes me, a pro-lifer, feel good because I would never do that in the name of “choice” or “freedom.”

The more I think about it, the more I agree with these guys. AbortionMan is an indictment against drive-by fathers. It hyperbolizes coerced abortions.
And if this is so, all the hypocritical complaining on the Left about AbortionMan is placed in new light.
They got punked. The last laugh is on them.

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