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Yesterday, the American Life League ran the above full-page ad in the Washington Times. View the large pdf version here.
I was glad to see ALL added Sen. Robert Casey to its list of “Pro-abortion ‘Catholics’,” because he is. Despite claiming to the contrary, Casey voted last year to overturn the Mexico City Policy, which stops US tax funds from going to international abortion groups.
But Bob Casey’s most flagrant affront to the sanctity of life was recently endorsing Barack Obama for president. CNS News covered that very topic today…

… Casey… does not think his endorsement of… Obama… translates into a pro-abortion vote in the presidential election, even though Obama supports abortion across-the-board, including late-term partial-birth abortion.
“Some might characterize it that way, but I don’t think it is” a pro-abortion vote, Casey told CNS. “I have a long (pro-life) record, and it’s a lot harder for me. It’s much easier to be a Republican and have that position.”

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Casey recently endorsed Obama, despite the Democratic presidential hopeful’s support of abortion and his opposition to legislation in the Illinois state Senate that would have protected babies who survived late-term abortions…..
When asked how his support of Obama fits with his Roman Catholic faith, Casey said other issues confronting the country make the IL senator best suited for the White House.
“I think it’s possible in the next term of the president that they will directly or indirectly confront the issue of abortion, but they may not,” Casey said. “But I’m certain that they will confront the issues – what are we going to do about the war, what about a $10 trillion debt, what about health care, the recession?

Casey’s excuses seem to be he, as a Dem, had no pro-lifer to support for president. So he should have gone silent.
And he thinks a president may or may not confront abortion? I am flabbergasted a US senator doesn’t understand how much a president impacts the topic on a daily basis, as if the president only deals with abortion when asked to sign a bill.
The biggest issue for the next term, of course, will be appointing Supreme Court judges. Does Casey think Obama won’t hurt the pro-life cause there? What about funding? Cabinet appointments?
The man is not only a moral relativist but woefully ignorant.
[Photo courtesy of ABC News]

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