Every morning I read my Bible and pray. Otherwise I know I’d not fare well mentally through the day trying to promote the sanctity of life against anti-life liberals and media. Today though, despite the great start, I’m really close to losing it.
This just blows my mind. Click to link to video:
obama smooches babies.jpg
I almost can’t get my arms around this one. The audacity of Obama to push abortion to its most radical ends – pba, live birth abortion, and FOCA – and then relish kissing babies? He really is maniacal….

And the idiotic parents of these infants? Obama plants their children with the Kiss of Death, don’t they understand? SendBarackYourBaby.com? What, to kill the baby?
And CNN. How could anyone put a fluff piece together like this and ignore Obama’s extreme positions on abortion? Only someone like-minded who wants to cover for Obama and make him look the opposite of what he is. And was anyone else bothered by the way the reporter threw the baby in the box?
[Link: friend Leslie at the Passionate Pro-Lifer]

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