sella.jpgDuring an interview about her place of work, former George Tiller employee Tina Davis described an alleged murder to Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger that was committed at the infamous late-term abortionist’s mill by hired hand Shelley Sella.
Click here to hear the 1:38 audiotape. Read the transcript here. An excerpt:

Davis: And this was…hmmm, maybe 35 weeks?… It was – it was a big baby…. And… baby came out, and it was moving. I don’t know if it was alive or if it was nerves…I don’t – I have no clue…. Then Dr. Sella looked up right away at me and took a utensil and stabbed it – right here – [indicating left rib section] and twisted, and then it didn’t move anymore.

35 weeks. According to OR, Seller is a “‘circuit rider’ who splits her time between Tiller’s clinic, a CA Planned Parenthood clinic, and other smaller abortion mills.”
One other tidbit from that interview I didn’t know but makes perfect sense:

Davis: And there was a couple of times where we did the injection and then they went home.
Newman: What happened then?
Sullenger: When they went home?
Davis: They would go home to their own doctor.
Sullenger: Oh, I see. And then he would do, like, a still-born delivery? Okay. I understand that. Okay.
Davis: Yeah. I think that happened about four times.

Tiller usually injects a late-term preborn baby’s heart with a heart-stopping drug before aborting. What this tells us is some mothers have Tiller kill their baby and then go home and pretend like their baby died en utero naturally. Then their own ob/gyn initiates labor and the mothers illicit sympathy not questions or rejections. What a burden to bear.
OR has reported the stabbing incident to the Wichita Police and the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.
Look for nothing to come of it.
[Photo courtesy of OR]

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