I smelled a rat when I read Matthew Balan’s NewsBusters.com story….

It was bad enough. Balan outted ABC News for a lopsided segment on pharmacists’ rights to refuse to fill prescriptions for hormonal contraception.
Here’s where I sniffed something stinky, quoting Balan:

[ABC correspondent Gigi] Stone introduced the first woman, Megan Kelly, as a “married mother.” Several years ago, as Stone described, Kelly “tried to fill her monthly birth control pills [when] a pharmacist refused.”

That incident occurred in IL, and I knew the controversy here was not about pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions simply for birth control pills but for the morning-after pill.
Sure enough, I googled “Megan Kelly” and easily found this October 2005 ABC News article:

But last July, Kelly went to a pharmacy to pick up Plan B, emergency contraception that can be taken after unprotected sex. Her doctor had prescribed it as a precaution because she had missed three regular birth control pills. Plan B is legal – but Kelly’s pharmacist refused to fill the prescription on moral grounds….
“The pharmacist actually came up to me and said ‘I’m sorry I personally don’t believe in this,'” said Kelly. “‘I’m not able to fill this prescription.’ And I just said to her, ‘this is your job you need to get my prescription.’ And she said, ‘I won’t.'”

What or who prompted ABC and Stone to run this story on World News in the first place? Then Stone couldn’t even research her own company’s archives? Or did she ignore inconvenient truths? My cursory search also revealed Kelly is on the speaking circuit in conjunction with Planned Parenthood.
Balan was right about this: “[Stone] later reported in a condescending tone about how the family of the pharmacist has nine children.”
That’s actually true. Watch the video.

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