Steve Waldman of the liberal Christian website has picked up on this serious situation in the pro-life movement outlined in my WND column this week.
Purist and incremental hardliners have taken theory to reality and directly sabotaged a ban that would have outlawed 97% of all abortions in 1 state, sentencing real – not theoretical – South Dakotan children to their deaths.
What I find most interesting is the purists’ unwillingness now to accept responsibility for the SD ban’s loss. Several times in the last 2 days, they’ve e-mailed me or written in the comments section on my WND post that the ban’s defeat wasn’t their fault, when it was. The ban lost by 5% and John McCain won by 8%.
I also now know SD Right to Life sent mailers to pro-lifers telling them to oppose the ban. I’m trying to get my hands on them.
Why don’t purists want credit for their victory?
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