by Carder
Hot Air reports a thwarted attempt at artist Michael D’Antuono‘s unveiling of his painting “The Truth,” in honor of President Obama‘s 100th day in office.
A PR Newswire press release claims…

The 30? x 54? acrylic painting on canvas depicts President Obama appearing much like Jesus Christ on the Cross: atop his head, a crown of thorns; behind him, the dark veil being lifted (or lowered) on the Presidential Seal. But is he revealing or concealing, and is he being crucified or glorified?

Outrage predictably ensued, even from outspoken Jewish blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs:

Is he dissing Christ or praising Mohammad? So confusing — all I know is I am going to hurl. Have the Christians started rioting yet?

Enough opposition convinced D’Antuono not to display his piece as planned. He issued this statement to the National Review Online:

I didn’t mean to make fun of anybody’s religion; maybe I did so naively but I didn’t mean it that way. In the Bible, Jesus is The Truth and comparing Obama that way isn’t something I meant to do at all.

The title of D’Antuono’s piece leaves us to wonder, then, what his intentions really were.
[Image courtesy of HotAir.com]

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