Jivin J’s Life Links 5-28-09, Part I

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  • The University of Washington’s paper covers a visit by the Genocide Awareness Project. Some pro-choice students protested the exhibit (one appears to be holding a sign which reads “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life”) while others used other means:

    The tone of the protest shifted when one student egged the exhibit, and another scribbled on the signs advertising it in Red Square.

  • The Catholic News Agency provides another example of pro-choice intolerance, this time in Spain, where the headquarters of an organization called E-Cristians was spray painted with abortion slogans….

  • The Australian reports researchers at the University of New South Wales have used stem cells placed on contact lenses to treat three patients suffering from damaged corneas:

    “The procedure is totally simple and cheap,” said the university’s
    Dr. Nick Di Girolamo.
    “Unlike other techniques… there’s no suturing, there is no major operation, all that’s involved is harvesting a minute amount – less than a mm – of tissue from the ocular surface.”
    The lens stayed on for 10 days allowing stem cells to change their form, colonise and repair the cornea.

  • John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog notes how some of CA’s stem cell heavyweights have been mum about a patent dispute which is holding up the distribution of live neural stem cells from deceased patients. It’s amazing how some scientists want science to go forward regardless of moral costs but don’t lift a finger to prevent the slowing of research if their financial interests could benefit.
  • 8 thoughts on “Jivin J’s Life Links 5-28-09, Part I”

    1. “one appears to be holding a sign which reads “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life”.”
      No, what it should have said was: “Pro-Choice is Pro-Me, Screw Everybody Else”.

    2. Yeah… I didn’t get that slogan either.
      Maybe one of our pro-abort friends could shine some light on what exactly that person meant?

    3. “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life”
      PC’rs think the life of the pregnant woman is more important than the life of the baby, therefore “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life (Pro- Woman)”. That’s my interpretation, although I don’t believe that is true.

    4. The sign is taken to mean that you support life if you support a “woman’s right to choose.” Because we all know that that glorious beastie abortion has historically been the number one anti-depressant and cure for women!
      But in all honesty, it is more accurate to say: Pro-Life is Pro-Choice.

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