My husband and I, like many others, tuned in to Jon & Kate Plus Eight last night hoping People magazine was wrong yesterday when scooping the show that Jon and Kate were divorcing.
The promo was ominous, but we hoped we were in for a bait and switch. Would Kate really lend her voice to promote an episode announcing her marriage’s demise? Did her concern for ratings really trump her concern for the welfare of her family?

Yes, we hoped Jon and Kate would instead announce they were seeking counseling or getting back together. I mean, it was less than a year ago when they renewed their vows in Hawaii

jonkate.jpgAlas, and stupidly, the 2 announced they had filed papers for divorce Monday. I sensed Jon was the one who really wanted out. He likely had numerous voices in his ear (accurately) complaining of Kate’s emasculating treatment. Kate appeared to have regrets; said she didn’t want to be alone.
I got really tired of them both saying everything they did and do was “for the kids.” If they were doing what was best for the kids they’d put a hold on the show and get counseling. This is all crazy. I feel very badly for their beautiful 8 children. I’m praying for that family.
Here’s a recap of events from the Boston Herald:

The Gosselins’ announcement raises new questions about the future of Jon & Kate, which, now in its 5th season, is TLC’s most popular series.
But both parents say the show will continue, with their segments of the show filmed separately.

jon and kate 3.jpg

“Parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate,” Kate explained during the record-setting season premiere. “I was thinking we were going to beat that….”
The couple, who have become megacelebs for their family struggles and alleged infidelities, have spent lots of time apart over the past month….
Trouble began brewing in the tabloids in February when photos surfaced of Jon partying with young women on a visit to see his ailing mother. The couple quickly attempted to quash rumors of problems.
But in May, the scandal erupted again when 23-year-old Deanna Hummel was photographed driving Jon’s car home, and Kate Gosselin fought off allegations of an affair with a family bodyguard.
As a result of the couple’s bad behavior, their TLC show has become must-see TV – nearly 10 million people tuned in to last month’s season premiere, making it the most-watched cable TV show of the year.

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