David Bereit and Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life have helped raise $21+ million to further the missions of pregnancy centers and pro-life groups.
bereit.jpgInundated with requests to share their fundraising advice, they’ve released a FREE, downloadable report for parties interested in making their fundraising banquets much more profitable, helping to save the lives of more women and babies.
Get the free report here!
I particularly like (and have begun using) their suggestion of pitching a 2-part pledge: 1 for a gift the night of the banquet and 1 for an ongoing monthly gift.
Another of their suggestions is to make sure banquets are not drawn out and end on time. I’ve observed pro-life organizations getting much better at this….

(One area where I consistently see event planners lose control of their time is with client testimonies. I’ve seen clients ad lib and ramble, 1 for 30 minutes, yikes. It is best to videotape these or have clients adhere strictly to a well-practiced script.)
David and Shawn are kind and generous to make their report available free. Having attended hundreds of banquets and having seen lots of dos and don’ts I highly recommend their suggestions.

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