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  • Time has an article entitled, “Could Abortion Coverage Sink Health Care Reform?”:

    Under the legislation being worked on by three committees in the House, Americans earning up to 400% of the poverty level – $43k for an individual; $88k for a family of four – would be eligible for government subsidies to help them purchase coverage.
    But if the anti-abortion legislators get their way, those subsidies would have a big string attached; they could not be used to purchase a policy that has abortion coverage. For many women, that would mean giving up a benefit they now have under their private insurance policies.

  • The Telegraph reports The House of Lords has voted against allowing Britons to take to another country to for assisted suicide.
  • NV’s state Health Division has ordered the Clinica de Mujeres in Las Vegas to stop performing surgeries after finding evidence that abortion had been performed there in an unsafe manner.
    The owner of the clinic, Vickie Mazzorana, is an assistant professor at the University of Nevada Medical Center.
  • An Australian woman and her boyfriend have been charged after smuggling in and using an RU-486 abortion pill.
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