New Stanek poll: Which wrongs are worse?

poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpI have a new poll question up:

In the wake of revelations of SC Gov. Mark Sanford and NV Sen. John Ensign’s affairs, a Gallup poll last month becomes more interesting. Of several potential moral wrongs listed, Americans ranked adultery as worst of all – 92%. Which TWO of the following do you consider the most morally reprehensible?

Here are the results of my previous poll. 3/4 of you do not consider pro-abort “common ground” propositions of comprehensive sex ed and widespread contraceptive distribution to be so…

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Here were your votes. Click to enlarge to find your own brightly colored flag…
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17 thoughts on “New Stanek poll: Which wrongs are worse?”

  1. I was really wanting a third pick. I picked human embryo experimentation and abortion as my two choices but if I had a third I would have added homosexuality. They all interfere with the gift of life we have been given.
    I see a lot of people had that same dilemma.

  2. What an ignorant poll. WHO is doing “human embryo experimentation”? And where is “slaughtering innocent men, women and children in Iraq” on your list?

  3. “What an ignorant poll. WHO is doing “human embryo experimentation”?”
    Huh? Do you know what embryonic stem cell research is, Bob?

  4. Were these all questions that came from the Gallup poll or were these your questions? I think adultery…and…this is difficult…infanticide, even though it is not women who have abortions who I find morally reprehensible.

  5. Yeah I think we should have the option to vote for infanticide. I think that you should give the pro-choice people something real to vote for like rape and murder of adults / children, sexual assault, terrorist attack – something besides animal fur wearing. I got a kick out of that though.

  6. And I’m not trying to be sarcastic or snoody, but you may be completely misinformed about what h-ESCR is.

  7. And where is “slaughtering innocent men, women and children in Iraq” on your list?
    Posted by: Bob Dobolina at July 6, 2009 11:41 AM
    how many have been “slaughtered” in Iraq Bob?
    How many have been “slaughtered” due to abortion worldwide Bob?
    50 million abortions per year. Now that’s slaughtering imo.

  8. Susan, homosexuality itself is not sinful. However, the practice of homosexuality is.
    I would have chosen a man and woman having an affair as my third pick which I consider just slightly worse than an unmarried man and woman having sex.
    What a prude I am eh? :P

  9. Gee, I want to vote again. I picked abortion; then I lost count of how many picks I made. So I need to cast one more vote for embryonic stem cell research. I can only remember half of what I need to remember, so I don’t have allzheimer’s. But my MD is afraid I have halfzheimer’s. But both my picks involve killing a living human being. I’ll never lose track of that.

  10. Abortion #1 and human embryo experimentation #2. Once a society gets to the point of murdering and experimenting on the unborn, it’s all down hill from there. That should be evident to everyone but tragically it’s not. I agree with Susan that homosexuality would be my #3 pick.

  11. “Susan, homosexuality itself is not sinful. However, the practice of homosexuality is.”
    I was thinking the same thing. This poll is bizarre. Hard to believe adultery scored worse in the poll than abortion. The results must have been swayed by pro-choicers and pro-aborts, IMHO.

  12. Vannah, 11:52a: All choices listed were from the Gallup poll, here:
    Gallup listed 16 options, but Vizu allows only 9, so I had to cut some. There were many on life and death, so I winnowed those down. The only wording I changed was “medical research using stems obtained from human embryos,” which was fair but long, to “human embryo experimentation,” and “gay or lesbian relations” to “homosexuality.”

  13. On second thought, I agree mostly with the choices you made in making the poll.┬áBecause nobody is really arguing that rape and murder are right. Just murder of babies. So you should have infanticide, because there is a movement to make all infanticide for babies under 12 months less of a crime based on a diagnosis of PPD, and also, because of the live post-born babies who are killed by body part harvesters in abortion clinics, and those who are left to die after induced labors. Those shouldn’t be called induced labor abortions if the baby is not dead by the time it gets out of a womb… it’s just induced labor. Great capturing of the political differences there. Some people actually think wearing fur is worse than abortion. Pathetic.

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