by Carder
Meet your competition, you fetuses you. Your grandparents are actually worth something!
Satire from The People’s Cube via Michelle Malkin

As part of a new incentive tied to Obama’s upcoming healthcare reform, the network of Planned Grandparenthood Centers are to begin running ads, themed “Double Cash for Your Old Coot.” The push offers a cash incentive or zero-percent financing on top of free government plans for all families whose trade-in old-timers qualify for the government’s program known as “Cash for Clunkers,” up to a maximum of four grandparents over 70 years of age.
Latest opinion polls show that seniors steal billions of dollars out the federal budget each year just by staying alive. This new bold initiative is calculated to save us all money by gently recycling high-maintenance old coots, thus taking them off the list of potential beneficiaries of the impeccable government health coverage.
“Everyone who signs up for our plan will get a cash incentive even if they don’t turn in a qualifying old fogey,” says White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. “But families who trade in their useless members will also get a free premium plan and – for a limited time only – a rationing coupon for an extra unaborted baby!”

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