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    • Unrestricted access to abortions paid for by the national government? That’s not enough!
      So declares Canadian columnist Andre Picard, in the Globe and Mail, who claims women in Quebec “need fewer barriers to abortion, not more” in response to a proposed regulation which would require abortion clinics to meet the same requirements as other non-hospitable facilities which provide surgeries (the horror!)….

  • From Picard’s column, the only other way access to abortion in Quebec seems to be “restricted” is that women “in rural areas of the country often have to travel hundreds of kilometres for care.” Maybe Picard thinks every tiny town in the Great White North should be staffed by a government-employed abortionist. Then women in Quebec would really have “access” to abortion.
    What’s truly amazing about abortion proponents is that many of them believe abortion should be part of an essential health care package yet they don’t want abortion treated like other procedures and abortionists to be treated like other health care workers. They want abortion to be completely funded by the government but they don’t want the government to impose any standards or regulations.

  • The cast of Family Guy recently did a table read of the much-discussed abortion episode which FOX decided not to air:

    Most of the episode dealt with matriarch Lois (played by Borstein) deciding to become a surrogate mother for her infertile friend – against Peter’s wishes. After her friend is killed in a car crash, the Griffins are left with the difficult decision of what to do about the pregnancy.
    At one point, Peter watches an anti-abortion video, which proclaims several people would be alive if abortion wasn’t legal, including a fourth Stooge, the guy who would have killed Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden’s America-loving brother, who could have prevented 9/11.

  • Karen Sypher, the woman who accused Rick Pitino of rape and is accused of trying to extort $10 million from him, is now claiming to the New York Post that Pitino “forced her to have an abortion.” It also appears my initial reaction was wrong. Sypher was pregnant, did have an abortion and showed clinic documents to the Post:

    Sypher insists Pitino forced her to have an abortion, even though she felt it was murder.
    “This is all I have of the baby,” she said yesterday, holding up the ultrasound picture taken the day of the procedure.
    “I’ll never forget. I wanted to have the baby, but Rick said my children would all be in concrete. I lived in fear for five years,” she said.
    “I prayed to God, ‘Please, I don’t want this.’ When they called my name [at the clinic], I stood up.”
    But paperwork Sypher filled out at the clinic, which she provided to the Post, contradicts her account.
    She checked off boxes indicating she felt “confident” and “strong” that she was doing the right thing.
    Sypher also checked off responses indicating she did not think abortion was akin to murder and that she would not regret having the procedure.

  • [HT for Picard story: ProWomanProLife]

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