Well, take a look who was at Nancy Pelosi’s press conference this morning when she unveiled her version of nationalized healthcare – with no abortion exclusion and plans not to allow any. How appropriate that infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart should be on hand to cheer Pelosi on…
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Concerned Women for America’s president Wendy Wright spotted Carhart and snapped the photo. CWA just issued this statement…

The abortionist who failed to overturn a ban on partial-birth abortion prominently sported a sign at a press conference in support of Nancy Pelosi’s health care bill that she unveiled today. LeRoy Carhart is currently under investigation by the NE Attorney General for unsafe medical practices.
CWA’s President Wendy Wright spotted LeRoy Carhart at the press conference.
She stated, “Nancy Pelosi’s bill has gained the support of the nation’s most notorious partial-birth abortionist who is under investigation for alleged unsafe medical practices. Pelosi’s bill can now be rightly called an abortionist’s dream. Under her bill, government money will pay for abortions, even the kind that Carhart commits – late-term abortions against viable babies that put women’s health at risk.”
Carhart faces criminal allegations of allowing non-licensed persons to give injections, start IVs and administer controlled substances. In 2007, his legal challenge to overturn a federal ban against partial-birth abortions failed at the US Supreme Court.