Love the Drudge headline!
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I was one of those Illinoisans who didn’t want the Olympics to come to Chicago because I knew no matter what they said taxpayers would pay for it in high leaps and bounds, to try to apply sports rhetoric to it….

obamas olympics.jpgBut then when the Obamas got involved, particularly Barack, I wanted it to fail to put him in his place. I expect I have bitter motives and must work on that. But someone also told me it is correct not to want evil people to succeed. The Lord knows.
From the Associated Press:

The race for the 2016 Olympics has come down to just Rio de Janeiro and Madrid, with the International Olympic Committee eliminating Chicago in a stunning first round of voting….

Chicago’s elimination was one of the most shocking defeats in IOC voting history. It had long been seen as a front-runner and got the highest possible level of support – from President Barack Obama himself.

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In Chicago, thousands of people stood around in stunned silence watching the International Olympic Committee choose someone else for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
The vote in Copenhagen was carried on huge television screens in the Daley Center, set up to carry what many had hoped would be approval of Chicago to host the games.
Instead, Chicago was bounced in the first round of voting Friday, bringing an audible gasp heard from the crowd.

[HT: Kristina H.; photos via the Associated Press]

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