Ok, game on. From Congress Daily (subscription only), today:
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House Speaker Pelosi is planning to roll out the House Democrats’ healthcare reform legislation Thursday morning….

The timing is “to… keep[ ] the leaders’ promise of a 72-hour public viewing period.”
Then the rubber meets the road. Before Pelosi can officially introduce the bill in the House next week, a majority of House members must vote to allow that to happen.

This is the vote, or procedural rule, pro-life Congressman Bart Stupak has been threatening to stop with his coalition of 40 if Pelosi doesn’t allow him to introduce a Hyde-type amendment on the Floor explicitly excluding abortion from nationalized healthcare. Pelosi can only lose 38 Dems. Her magic number is 218.
And for all the behind-the-scenes wrangling, Pelosi is not going to give him that. According to Congress Daily:

Leaders have indicated to members that no amendments will be allowed on the floor, said Rep. Bart Stupak, D-MI, who added he continues to negotiate with leaders over how to handle abortion rights….

Action Item: Call your congressperson NOW. I heard Michelle Bachmann recommend on WLS radio last week to call every morning of every business day. Ok. This is the moment all the August townhalls were gearing up for.
National Right to Life has a handy guide to find your congressperson along with a cheat sheet of exactly what to say. Click on graphic below to get to link:

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NRLC gives the DC #. I’m told the DC lines are ringing so off the hook right now offices have interns helping answer the calls, and we’re not sure our calls are being tallied.
So for that reason, and because it’s always more meaningful to call a rep’s home base, word is it would be particularly helpful right now to call the district office, if you have the wherewithal to get the #.
IF Pelosi calls for the procedural vote next week, and IF she loses that vote, our victory would be HUGE.
[Pelosi graphic via Congress Daily]

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