illinois choose life.jpgI am a plaintiff in the IL Choose Life specialty plate lawsuit against the State of IL (specifically Secretary of State Jesse White), which, btw, implicated former state Sen. Barack Obama.
Reported The Washington Times this morning…

Also Monday, the high court declined to consider several cases, including:
• An appeal from a pro-life group that wanted to require Illinois to provide vanity license plates that stated “Choose Life.” The state opposed producing such license plates, which are available in 21 other states.

I previously wrote about the IL Choose Life specialty plate debacle – and Obama’s slimy part in it – in a column.
Co-plaintiff Dan Proft, now candidate for governor in IL, wrote in a press release yesterday:

The Court’s inaction in this case means the state may continue to deny IL motorists the option to purchase Choose Life license plates.

Every IL voter should ask themselves why the Chicago Democrats would go to the Supreme Court of the United States to thwart providing Illinoisans with the means to voluntarily support adoption service providers, while raising awareness of adoption as a loving option in the process, and frustrate efforts to help the most vulnerable children in our society find a loving home. On behalf of their pro-abortion contributors, the Chicago Democrats gladly trample your free speech rights in the bargain.

Such is the state in which I live. Corruption and evil intent rule.
Our attorney Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society will request a rehearing, although the chance is slim the Supremes will reconsider.

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