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I spoke last night at the inaugural banquet of the Austin Coalition for Life. (Very impressive start with 350 in attendance!)
I caught up with old friends like Shawn Carney, co-founder of 40 Days for Life, and a hero of mine, Chris Danze, the pro-life contractor who threw a big wrench into Planned Parenthood’s building of an Austin, TX, mill in 2003 through construction owner and worker boycotts.
But a real thrill for me was meeting Abby Johnson, an emerging pro-life heroine who quit her job as Bryan, TX, PP director 5 weeks ago…..

(Read backstories here.)
(And don’t forget Abby and Shawn will be on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.)
Abby is quite personable, warm, and articulate. She told me she can’t believe how much she changed in such a short time. For instance, “For 8 years I avoided Fox News because it upset me,” she told me. “But now I find myself not only watching but agreeing. It’s surreal!”
Elizabeth McClung.jpgHere’s a take-away for you blessed sidewalk counselors in the crowd. Shawn, during his appeal last night, told a story about Abby and Elizabeth McClung, Austin Coalition’s new, vibrant, young director.
As a teen Elizabeth often prayed in front of Abby’s mill, and she tried to befriend Abby. Once Elizabeth even brought Abby flowers. Abby’s friends inside the mill dissuaded her from retrieving the flowers but when they weren’t looking, she did anyway. Abby always kept the card, which said something about Jesus caring for her, in her office.
The day Abby saw the abortion on ultrasound, she looked at that card and knew what she had to do.
What a touching story and hopefully an encouragement to tarry on in doing good.

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