eric cantor, republican, healthcare, abortion, pelosi.JPGIs your congressperson on this list from GOP House Whip Eric Cantor [pictured right]? CALL!

As of today, at least 69 Democrats have expressed opposition to the Speaker’s health care bill. As the bill comes to the House floor, how many Democrats will stand up and vote against a health care bill that raises taxes, cuts benefits to seniors, and spends money that families and small businesses across America cannot afford?

Pelosi needs 39 to carry the majority.
Meanwhile USA Today just posted…

flake off, democrats, pelosi, healthcare, abortion.jpg

Some of the most vulnerable Democrats in the House are starting to flake off the health care bill.
There are a dozen first-term Democrats representing districts that Republican presidential nominee John McCain won last year. So far, six have announced that they will vote against their party’s health care bill.
Four of those announcements came today. All 4 of the lawmakers who announced opposition cited concerns about the price tag of the legislation, estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to be more than $1 trillion over 10 years.

[HT on Whip count: Michelle Malkin on Twitter]

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