ive got something to say.jpgLike my previous post, “Stanek’s 10 most read posts in 2009,” I’ve never checked this out before either.
Thanks once again to moderator Chris for figuring out how to find these stats.
FYI, comments to all the posts linked below are closed due to an automatic comment shut-off software feature that activates after several days to keep spammers at bay. All these posts were written in 2009.
If you read the comments you’ll see they often end up way off topic. It may not be the post itself that triggers reader response. Rather it may be readers themselves who trigger extended conversations, particularly on #1…

10. “Uh-oh, Ogden,” February 10; 279 comments
9. “Olbermann names Stanek ‘Worst Person in the World!,'” posted June 4; 312 comments
8. “Pedophile protecting Planned Parenthood caught again,” posted March 18; 324 comments
7. “Sunday funnies,” posted February 22; 339 comments
6. TIE: “Yaz jazz,” posted February 12; 356 comments; “Abortion chain owner’s family died in MT cemetery plane crash – near Tomb of the Unborn,” posted March 24; 356 comments
5. “Provocative, disturbing new pro-life ad,” posted March 20; 405 comments
4. “Jivin J’s Life Links 12-7-09,” posted December 7; 453 comments
3. “Sunday funnies,” posted March 8; 592 comments
2. “Pro-aborts to protest pregnancy care centers,” February 26; 594 comments
1. “Stanek: 1 month vacation announcement,” January 5; 2,362 comments!

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