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This turned in to a much bigger project than I anticipated.
Angie Jackson.jpgOver the weekend Twitter friend Jill alerted me that someone was live tweeting her abortion. Sure enough.
I lurked on @antitheisticangie’s Twitter page for a day, getting over the shock of what she was doing, which was tweeting the blow-by-blows of her RU-486 abortion (also see #livetweetingabortion) . I finally jumped in with a couple tweets, before it was clear the abortion was working, which did less than any good. My reputation apparently preceded me. I got instant venom in response….

Whatever, I became interested in the person behind the abortion, and – she’ll mock me for this – began praying for her. Obviously she is engaged in an attention-seeking stunt, but why? What brought this girl to a place of broadcasting her abortion, and as you’ll read, in such a shocking and crude way?
Angie Jackson logo.jpgWe are all damaged goods, but some more than others. Angie Jackson is one of the others. Read her backstory here. Long story short: Angie was born into a religious cult and now considers herself an anti-theist. Not sure what the difference is between that and an atheist, if any.
I decided to go back through Angie’s prolific volume of tweets to chronicle her abortion for the blog.
What made them most interesting, I found, is that Angie is one of those who puts every thought in writing. So in between the lies to us (such as that Angie incredibly got pregnant despite using 3 forms of birth control, which turns out to be false, as you’ll read) and to herself, and shocking statements specifically meant to do just that, are vulnerable heartbreaking admissions. Angie is quite the piece of work. (But aren’t we all?)
Angie Jackson photo 2.jpegI have no illusions my post will change Angie. On one hand I know she’ll glorify in the attention and on the other hate me for what she views as “judging” her. The prayers we pray might, though, even as she ridicules them. After Angie toys with atheism and living on the dark side, we can pray she’ll come back around. He’s there, waiting and hoping and loving Angie despite her forays.
I pulled tweets that put together a picture of not only Angie’s abortion but also Angie. This is such a tragic yet fascinating study. We read in real time as Angie kills her child. We see reaffirmed that abortion is a usually selfish, sometimes desperate act. We see that pro-aborts only have ignorant, delusional sound bites to fall back on. Some of Angie’s tweets are random but help develop the story.
I start right before Angie realizes she is pregnant. She’s living with a guy (“BF” = boyfriend) with her mentally disabled young son. Here’s Part I: Prelude (Warning: vulgarity)…
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To follow, Part II: Gearing up for the abortion
[Angie’s top photo via her Facebook page; Angie’s logo via her blog; Angie’s bottom photo via excultnetwork]