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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • Not Dead Yet addresses the UK’s apparent love affair with assisted suicide, thanks to some celebrity promotion and romanticizing, along with the media’s support. The blog also discusses the current (and very disturbing) bill pending in VA that would ease standards for declaring a person brain dead…
  • First, the good news: it still takes 2 physicians to make a determination. The bad news, of course is that neither of the physicians has to have any expertise in anything related to neurology. That means that false determinations of brain death are a virtual certainty.


  • The Common Room discusses the controversy surrounding Rahm Emanuel for his use of the term “retarded” to insult certain Democrats in Congress:
  • “Our culture has humanized them??” No, sir. In some areas our culture has recognized their humanity, but it’s not capable of ‘humanizing’ human beings. They are already humans, thank you very much. Yes, for those who survive, their standard of living is better than it once was. The respect they are given? Not so much….

  • Stand For Life informs readers of a new book by Serena Gaefke titled, 101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion: A Girl’s Guide To Informed Choices:
  • This easy-to-read book explains in detail the 101 reasons, plus testimonials, words of encouragement from the author, and much more…. It gives the pro-choicer a plethora of information about why abortion is definitely the wrong choice. But it also supplies the pro-lifer with 101 ways to defend their position….

    The book is available online for free.
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