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Did you know? Creepy, filthy abortion clinics run by the scum of the earth are all our fault, and they’re only spotlighting due to media bias. According to Kate Harding at, February 24…

A Philadelphia medical facility has been shut down by the PA Dept. of State’s Board of Medicine, following a raid in which federal agents found conditions at the clinic “deplorable and unsanitary.”
It’s a sad and troubling story, but quite frankly, not the kind that would ordinarily make national news…. [T]ragic errors happen every day. Undoubtedly, so do health and safety violations and license suspensions. So why are we hearing about this one? Because one of the services Dr. [Kermit] Gosnell‘s clinic provided was abortion, and as the AP story notes in its opening lines, those “deplorable and unsanitary conditions” included “blood on the floor and parts of aborted fetuses in jars.”
The evidence against [Kermit] Gosnell fits neatly into an anti-choice narrative that casts abortion providers as soulless ghouls with no regard for patients’ safety or the law.

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Days after the murder of Dr. George Tiller, for instance, anti-choice writer Jill Stanek posted pictures of abortion provider Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s clinic in an Omaha suburb and declared that “no self-respecting bonafide doctor would step foot in Carhart’s filthy mill.”
Never mind that Carhart is licensed to practice medicine in 7 states and has enough self-respect that he’s refused to let decades of harassment and threats from anti-choice zealots stop him from helping women. And never mind that, presumably, Stanek has never been inside the clinic. Why would any of that stop her from implying that Carhart is not a real doctor or that his medical facilities are unsanitary?…
Unfortunately, though, sometimes doctors who provide abortions do behave unethically, bizarrely and unforgivably, and Gosnell seems to be one of them. And even though physicians of every stripe cross legal and ethical boundaries, the existing stigma surrounding abortion providers – the notion that doctors offering safe, legal medical procedures are “baby killers” operating out of “filthy mills” – combined with some especially gruesome details means that a story like this is bound to catch fire….
And the problem with focusing on stories like this is that it casts even more suspicion on dedicated doctors operating within increasingly restrictive laws….

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Access to legal, high-quality abortion care has saved countless women from undergoing surgery in conditions like those found at Gosnell’s clinic, or from suffering at the hands of “butchers” like [Raquel and Bertha] Bugarin. So if anti-choice crusaders were really concerned about women’s health or abortion providers operating in “filthy mills,” then instead of conflating compassionate, committed physicians with a few true rogues who absolutely deserve to be shut down and prosecuted, they would be pushing for all women to have greater access to the full range of reproductive healthcare options. I won’t hold my breath.

Interesting logic I’m honestly not quite sure I understand.
Is Harding saying we should loosen rather than tighten abortion clinic regulations, the end result being a decrease in the number of front alley abortion mills? I don’t observe liberals applying this logic anywhere else in their ideology. Rather, they press for increased regulations when observing what they consider crimes against innocent people.

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