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  • Blogger Thomas Peters reports that Dale Kildee’s office says he still hasn’t decided whether he will vote for health care reform minus the Stupak amendment:
  • As a courtesy, we called Kildee’s office and told them about our intentions, and about our dismay at his changed position.
    Linsey Beck, Kildee’s legislative staffer, told us that the media reports were inaccurate, and that the representative has not decided to vote for the Senate language bill….


  • Mary Ann Sorrentino (pictured left), a former executive director of Planned Parenthood of RI, has a piece in Salon where she takes issue with Angie Jackson live-tweeting her abortion:
  • But the right we were fighting so hard for — which was granted only a short 37 years ago — was based on what the Supreme Court called “privacy.”
    We wanted a woman to be able to make personal decisions about their pregnancies in the privacy of their most intimate circles — her partner, family, closest friends, physician and religious advisors, if she so chose. Or, she could decide as a panel of one and discuss it with no one.
    Angie Jackson has the right to choose to take RU-486 and then write about her cramps, her bleeding, and the eventual expulsion of the products of conception on the Internet. But many of us who have spent our lives on the front lives of the abortion debate also have the right to hate the fact that she chose to do this.
    At its worst, it is self-serving, exhibitionist and selfish. At best, it has “bad judgment” written all over it.

  • There’s a review of the abortion-themed play “Girls in Trouble” in the New York Times.
  • A pro-life group in PA is asking the district attorney to investigate whether suspended abortionist Kermit Gosnell failed to report statutory rape to child-welfare authorities.
  • I’m glad I don’t have cable. It spares me from watching the deceptiveness that is Rachel Maddow. At FireDogLake is a clip of Maddow attempting to argue against Bart Stupak’s position on abortion and health care. She is either exceptionally uninformed or intentionally lying. She acts like Stupak’s plan would oppose allowing women from buying abortion insurance coverage with their own money and only rich women could get abortions.
    I also like how the clips of Stupak are cut short. Nice Michael Moore style arguing.
    She ends by claiming Stupak is simply trying to get attention for himself. Seriously? People watch this garbage?

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