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  • The Associated Press notes that since pro-life doctors in South Korea have voiced their concerns about the lack of enforcement of South Korea’s abortion law, it has become much more difficult to get an abortion:
  • But getting an abortion, once so routine here that South Korea was known as “Abortion Republic,” is no longer easy. In recent weeks, the government has begun enforcing a long-ignored ban on the procedure for the first time….

    It took Mrs. Kim 10 tries to find a doctor willing to perform an abortion, and he’s demanding nearly $1k in cash. To scrape together the money, the 6-weeks pregnant woman took a 2nd job cleaning an office building overnight for a few weeks…..
    Hospitals have stopped openly advertising abortions. One gynecologist in eastern Seoul says she turns away patients who call, but quietly accepts them if they show up in person. Another in the city’s fashionable Apgujeong district asks for up to $2k “to help cover the legal risks,” and requires patients to sign a waiver freeing the doctor from liability.

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  • Former University of MI and NFL offensive lineman Jon Runyan (pictured left) is running as a Republican for a NJ congressional seat currently held by Democrat John Adler. Runyan describes himself as “pro-choice on abortion ‘with a lot of restrictions;’ he is opposed to late-term abortions for example.”
  • Dale Kildee is getting some deservedly strong responses from pro-life groups for his decision to vote in favor of the Senate’s abortion language from the Susan B. Anthony List, Americans United for Life and Right to Life of MI.
  • [Photo of Runyan: app.com]

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