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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • Not Dead Yet shares concerns about an IL bill which would consider everyone “potential organ donors” unless they specifically opt out of the program….
  • At the Americans United for Life blog, Denise Burke discusses how, as evidenced by the recent horrors discovered at a West Philadelphia facility, abortion clinics have become the true “back-alleys” of abortion mythology.
  • Wesley Smith discusses the society’s conflicting messages regarding suicide:
  • There is a multi-million dollar suicide promotion campaign ongoing in the country and around the world – aided and abetted by the mainstream media – that says that if you are sick, or disabled-suicide is empowering and rational. Indeed, it claims that such suicides are so right and worthy of being honored that the state should permit third parties to help make sure the suicidal person is made dead. …
    It seems to me that society can’t be half against suicide and half for it. You can’t have suicide prevention and assisted suicide promotion at the same time. The former message is subsumed by the latter.

  • Pro-Life Action League discusses the effectiveness of picketing the neighborhoods where abortionists live.
  • Stand for Life draws our attention to new video of a euthanasia speech presented by Lia Mills, the student who gained notoriety for her abortion speech one year ago:
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